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Q: How do bottlenose dolphins protect themselves from predators?
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What are dolphins fins for?

swimming and run and protect themselves from predators.

Do dolphins travel in packs?

Dolphins travel an packs so they protect themselves from predators

Why re dolphins intelligent?

Dolphins are intelligent to protect themselves from predators and need to be aware of their environment to survive as a species.

How can you help protect bottlenose dolphins?

ask god

How do bottlenose dolphins protect theirselves?

by their echo location

How does a dolpin protect itself from predators?

dolphins protect themselves by whipping their tail on the predator or bangs its head on the predator

How do dolphins escape predators?

Dolphins are able to escape predators by swimming very quickly and with ease. They also live in groups in order to protect themselves from enemies.

How do sea stars protect themselves?

how do sea stars protect themselves from predators how do sea stars protect themselves from predators

How do dolphins protect there self?

it runs from its predators

How do eels protect themselves?

Eels protect themselves by electrocuting their predators

How do snakes protect themselves from predators?

How the snakes protect themselves is their fangs.

How dolphins protect them self?

They ram their noses into predators.

How do Spinner Dolphins Protect themselves?

by calling other dolphins

What do frogs protect themselves from?


How do mice protect themselves from predators?

Mice protect themselves from predators by being quick and agile, but most of their predators are faster. They have sharp claws and teeth for the predators that they can't escape.

How do finches protect themselves from predators?

They die

Why do hedgehogs have quills?

To protect themselves from predators.

How coyotes protect themselves from predators?

they can hide

How do chameleons protect themselves from predators?


How do vultures protect themselves from predators?

Vomit on them

How do puffins protect themselves from predators?

They camouflage

Why do sheep have horns?

To protect themselves from predators.

How do starfish protect themselves from their predators?

they have spikes

How does a dolphin protect its self?

Dolphins run away from it's predators

Do dolphins use camouflage to protect themselves?

Dolphins dont camoflage at all i dont know how they protect them selves