How do catch hair lice?

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You get head lice by putting your head by someone who already has head lice

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Q: How do catch hair lice?
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How do humans catch hair lice?

humans catch it when they don't wash there hair and when it stanks alot that is how humans catch head lice.

Can you catch lice from dirty hair are clean hair?

clean hair because lice have a hard time moving through dirty hair

Has taylor swift ever had lice?

Not all people catch lice if you keep your keep your hair moisturized.

How do you catch headlice?

You can catch headlice by brushing heads together-the lice can jump from hair to hair very easily!It's a good idea to wash your hair regularly, as the lice prefer a greasy environment...

Where do nits come from and can you catch them from animals or hairs of animals?

Nits are lice eggs.You can catch them by just pulling them out of the hair of the animal.

What is hair lie?

hair lice are creatures that get in your hair by your head being too near to another person who's head does have head lice. Warning: No matter how old or young, however long or short your hair is you can still catch head lice. The lice sucks you blood from you head and that makes it itch. The best thing to do is to wash you hair daily and with shampoo and conditioner. There is some special lice shampoo too. I had head lice and its a pain in the butt.

How do you prevent recurring head lice?

You can not catch lice by not sharing hair brushes, pillows and anything you would use you hair or head with. Lice hate tea tree oil so you can buy that in a shampoo. There are also products that you can buy that you spray on your hair to repel them. Ask your pharmacist

Can you get lice from a cat?

No. Lice are species specific. Cats get cat lice, humans get human lice. Humans cannot catch cat lice, and cats cannot catch human lice.

Can hair be colored after treating it for lice?

hair can be colored after treating it for lice!!! lice hurts sometimes

What is the difference between lice and pubic lice?

There are three types of lice that infest humans. Pubic lice prefer the pubic hair, head lice prefer the hair on your head, and body lice affect body hair.

How does lice get in your hair?

you usually get lice from other people who has lice

Why does your hair itch when you talk about hair lice?

it is because u think about hair lice and think that its in your hair

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