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How do cats breathe?

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cats can breathe through there nose. but how do they breathe is a different question. cats breathe in there nose and out their nose. i hope this helped you with your question if not put a message on sarah.porter6 message board.
They breathe through their nose.

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Where do cats breathe in from?

Cats breathe through their nose.

How do cats breathe is it by their lungs?

That's right, cats breathe with their lungs, just as people do. All mammals use lungs to breathe.

Do cats breathe?

If he/she died then no. But on the other hand, yes, cats breath.

Do cats breathe oxygen?

They breathe the same air we do, which contains about 21% oxygen.

Why can't cats breathe through their mouth?

They can if they need to, but they usually breathe through their nose.

Do Cats Breathe Carbon dioxide?

No they breathe oxygen like every loving thing.

Do cats pur to breathe?

Probably. With some cats, when they breath it sounds like they a puring

How do cats breaths?

Cats are mammals and they breathe with the use of lungs. Just like humans do.

Can a cat breathe with its mouth?

Yes, cats can breathe through their mouths, but normally through their nose

What are some facts about cats?

They Breathe, they eat, and they sleep.

Why do cats have a motor that comes on?

That's just the way they breathe.

What do moosen eat?

Large reptiles such as cats that breathe water.

Why do cats breathe cheesecake?

because rats likes cheesecake

Why do cats breathe?

The same reason all land animals breathe, to take in oxygen for cell growth and repair.

Can cats have breathing problems from a broken nose?

Cats do not normally breathe out of the mouth, so the nose is very important for a feline to breathe. A broken nose can cause breathing problems in a cat.

Do cats breath through noses or nostrils?

The nostrils are part of the nose, and yes, cats breathe through their noses.

How do cats respire?

Cats have a pair of vomeronasal organs on the roof of their moth that help them sniff out a particular scent. Usually cats do not breathe through their mouth.

Does cat breathe through lungs?

Yes, they do. Cats have lungs like humans and breathe through the mouth and the nose. (Respiratory systems)

Why don't cats breathe underwater?

cause they cant dont be so stupid!

What animals breathe using their lungs?

A lot. Dogs, Cats. Almost all animals have lungs.

How does a wallaby breathe?

With lungs. Pretty much just as humans, cats and dogs and other animals.

What should you do if your cat has started breathing heavy and acts like he cannot breathe through his noise?

Cats breathe through their nose. When a cat has started breathing heavy and seems like he can not breathe, he needs to see a veterinarian.

Can cats only breathe through their noses?

No, they can breathe through their mouths, too. If you play with a cat for a really long time, sometimes they start panting, just like dogs.

Why do cats steal baby's breath?

Cats do not steal babies' breathe, that is a foolish old wives tale. It is possible that a cat could accidentally smother a tiny baby by lying on it.

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