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When the female cat goes into heat, the male will mount her and bite the scruff of the female cat's neck and place his penis inside her vulva. A male cat's penis has barbed ridges on it, which stimulates ovulation in the female. Then, once you hear the female let out a piercing howl, he has mated her. Mating may occur many times, and with different males.

AKA sex! sex! sex! hump! hump! hump!

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Q: How do cats have mate?
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How do Siamese cats mate?

The same way all cats mate.

Do cats try to mate when they are fixed?

No, cats do not try to mate when they are fixed

Can cats mate with dogs?

Cats and dogs cannot mate with one another. Dogs only mate with dogs, and cats only mate with other cats.

What day in there season do cats mate on?

No particular day. Cats will mate when they want. If you are worried that your cats aren't mating, don't. They will mate if they want to, and they will mate at a time that is right for them. And cats usually mate when there is no human company about, so they might be mating when you are not around.

How will your cats know how to mate?

Cats, like humans, naturally know when/how to mate.

How will cats mate?

when a female cat see a male cat the cats mate

Can dad and daughter cats mate?

catsYes, A father and Daughter cat can mate.

Why do cats mate?

They mate to reproduce and to have kittens.

How do cats get their kittens?

They would Mate with male cats. If your to young to grasp what 'Mate' means, ask your mum

Do cats only mate at night?

Cats, like humans, can mate at any time day or night.

How long arw dogs and cats supposed to mate?

Dogs and cats should mate for about three to five minutes.

Will female cats mate with other female cats?


Do male cats try to mate cats of the same sex?

They don't. Male cats will mount other cats to show dominance. They arent actually trying to mate with the other cats. They're asserting themselves on the other cats.

What position does cats mate?

cats mate like this. the male cat sits on top of the female and bites her neck to get a grip

Who is Demeter's mate?

Munkustrap, the Jellicle cat, is Demeter's mate in Cats.

Can an opossum mate with a wild cat?

No, opossums and cats cannot mate.

Who cannot have a mate or kit in warrior cats?

Medicine cats cannot have mates or kits. They must see everyone in the Clan equally.

Can cats mate with people?


How do you make kittens?

mate cats

When do mate mouth or worm?


What do cats mate with?

Other cats and unlucky owners arms ;3

How do cats find mate?

Cats find mates by seeking out the opposite sex. They will find a mate by purring or playing with another cat.

Do spayed female cats want to mate?

No, spayed female cats never come into season, so do not get the urge to mate or have kittens.

How long do my bengal cats mate?

The bengal cats usually mate after they are mature, this should be after one year or past their sixth month.

Who is princess's mate on warrior cats?

According to the Warrior Cats Wiki, Princessโ€™s mate is Oliver.