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It is very simple.

Remove tire and you will see the rotor and caliper. The caliper is held on with two bolts that you must remove. After removing screws pull the caliper straight up(may need a little help with a rubber hammer). The caliper is now off and the brake pads are just resting against the rotor. Pull the pads off, you will need to have a large c-clamp to push the pistons back to their seated position. Put the new pads on, put the caliper back on and put in bolts and tighten. Since you removed nothing you should have lost no fluid and will not need to bleed the brakes.

The two bolts that hold the brake assembly on the rotor are hard. The bolts on my 2000 Ranger required a 15 MM socket made of HARDENED STEEL to get the job done. I tried to use a no-name socket set to do this and the ratchet broke. You need a HARDENED STEEL set to do the job. You will need an extended 15 MM socket with an extended handle to get the bastards loose. I am 6' foot 4" 200 pounds and it took me all my might to break those bolts loose. Also, each break assembly features TWO slave cylinders. You must compress one with a c-clamp and then compress the other with another c-clamp to get both of them down so you may insert the new pads. It also helps to start the engine to crank the steering wheel to the RIGHT to change the LEFT pads, and to the left to change the RIGHT pads, so you have a better attack on those miserable bolts with your HARDENED STEEL socket set. Hope this helps.

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Q: How do change front brake pads ford ranger 2000 4x4 lt?
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