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chemical properties cannot be determined just by viewing or touching the substance and physical properties can be observed or measured without changing the composition of matter.

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How do physical properties differ from chemical properties?

Physical properties can be measured or observed while chemical properties describes how matter can change into another kind of matter.

How does physical property differ from chemical?

Physical properties are not related to the chemical reactions or chemical behaviours of the elements.

Why do geometrical isomers differ in their physical and chemical properties?

This is because the structure has a strong influence on these properties.

How isotopes are alike?

Isotopes are exactly same with respect to all the chemical properties but they differ with respect to physical properties.

Chemical and physical changes?

Chemical changes is new substances forms with properties that differ from original substance. Physical changes is changes of state

How the new substances made in a chemical reaction have new properties?

Products have different structure and chemical composition compared with reactants; so the chemical and physical properties differ.

What are polonium physical properties and chemical properties?

what are the physical and chemical properties of polonium?

Do the elements in a group of priodic table have the similar chemical and physical properties?

The elements in a group have the similar chemical properties dueto presence of same no of electrons in their outermost shell but they differ physically because physical properties are related to their atomic sizes from top to bottom in a group atomic size increases so their physical properties also differ.

Isotopes of the same element differ in the number of?

Isotopes of the same element differ in the number of neutrons. Isotopes have different physical properties but similar chemical properties.

What are the physical and chemical properties of paint?

Physical properties: paint is a thick colored liquid with a distinct smell. Chemical properties differ depending on the paint...poster paint, oil-based house paint and car paint have vastly different chemical properties, but they're all paint.

If isomers of an alkali have the same molecular formula how do they differ?

Isomers have different physical and chemical properties.

How do chemical changes differ from physical change?

Physical change is the change in which only physical properties changes ,like color, hardness, density etc. Chemical changes affect the composition as well as chemical properties of matter and result in formation of new substance.

Define Physical and chemical properties of matter?

Physical properties: Properties that do not change the chemical nature of matter Chemical properties: Properties that do change tha chemical nature of matter

Does chemical and physical properties are probably the same?

No. Chemical and physical properties are different.

How do atoms of different elements differ from each other?

They differ in the number of protons, electrons and neutrons. They could hence differ in the physical and chemical properties also.

When do the physical and chemical properties change?

Physical and chemical properties change as the result of a chemical change, which produces new products with different physical and chemical properties than the reactants.

Is krypton a chemical or physical properties?

dose krypton has a chemical properties and chemical properties

How are physical and chemical properties of wood affected by a physical change?

Flammability is an example of physical and chemical properties.

Is shiny and silvery chemical or physical properties?

is shiny and silvery is it chemical or physical properties

A substance that has definite physical and chemical properties?

All substances have physical and chemical properties.

How do chemical properties differ from physical properties?

A physical property is a characteristic of pure substance that can be observed without changing it into another substance. Where a chemical property is a characteristic of pure substance that describes its ability to change into different substances.

Why are chemical properties harder to observe than physical properties?

Physical properties can be observed and measured, chemical cannot.

Chemical properties of ecstasy?

chemical and physical properties of ecstacy

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