How do cities differ from rural areas?


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How do cities differ from rural areas?

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Rural areas are places that are not in or near cities.

Like in other countries, Irish people live in both cities and rural areas. Ireland has lots of cities that people live in and lots of rural areas where people live.

Urban areas are the developed cities of any country, whereas rural areas are undeveloped and underdeveloped areas. In Urban areas there are more opportunities than rural area in terms of employment and investment.

because the cities had more people than the rural areas, and the cities were trashed everywhere so the rats could access the people easily.

58% of Egyptians live outside of the major cities in Egypt, mostly in rural areas.

People moving from rural (villages) areas of the country into cities.

Most of the towns and cities are urban, large areas of the countryside are rural.

People moving from rural (villages) areas of the country into cities. :)

moving from rural areas to cities

Moving from rural areas to cities.

Coz they are moving to cities..

The rural areas of Wisconsin are full of apple orchards and pumpkin farms. Generally, cities have larger populations than rural areas.

Rural refers to the countryside. Rural dwellers are those that do not live in urban, built up areas or cities.

People moved from rural areas to cities. Most cities had population booms.

People are leaving rural areas and moving to cities.

THE CITIES ARE URBAN AND THE PEOPLE ARE "RURAL" There are both rural and urban parts of Ohio. Many areas are rural with lots of farms, but there are cities such as Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Toledo that are urban. The capital, Columbus is mostly rural.

Urban and Rural, but all the cities are urban areas. The country skirts are rural.

The difference between semi-urban areas and rural areas is the development of the geographic area and environment. A semi-urban area is between urban and rural, or partly urban. Rural areas are located outside towns and cities.

Rural Ireland is everywhere outside the main cities and large towns. Basically it is the countryside. Urban areas are the large towns and cities.

Employement services are typically found near large cities. Chicago has more of them then rural areas.

No 'cities' border Milan, it is a vast metropolitan area surrounded by rural areas.

people from cities moved to rural areas. While rural villagers moved to cities to get food and work.

It depends on which era you are looking at and what areas whether it be cities of rural areas.

As people leave the rural areas and head to cities, urbanization of areas is growing.

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