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How do cows survive in the cold weather?

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The cows grow a thick winter coat that will protect them from all but the coldest of temperatures. If there are enough food resources, they will also lay down a thick layer of subcutaneous fat to help insulate them. Cows are temperate zone creatures and have evolved to handle much colder temperatures than humans can tolerate without protection. The only times a cow will have problems with cold weather are if it gets extremely cold (below zero before the wind chill), gets wet and then is exposed to cold weather or doesn't have the body fat and winter coat to handle the weather.

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A cow's digestive processes creates a substantial amount of heat, so feeding them extra helps them during a cold spell (even if the feed is low quality hay). Dairy cows often get frostbite on their teats, which makes milking difficult. Young calves without shelter often get sick or die in cold and wet weather. Adequate feed, windbreak, and dry bedding to lie down on are the most important things cows need to survive severe cold.

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