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They just turn up the volume real high. If you were completely deaf, turning up the volume wouldn't help. Deaf people use a machine that is something like a computer with a keyboard and a screen, so that they type their responses, then someone from the phone company reads their response to the person on the other end, then the phone company person types in the other person's response and the deaf person reads it on the screen.

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Q: How do deaf people use the telephone?
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Why did Alexander grahm bell invent his telephone?

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone because he always had something to do with sound. He taught deaf people, His father taught deaf people, His mother and his wife were deaf. He wanted an easier way for people to communicate.

How many deaf people use british sign language in UK as their preferred means of communication?

8.7 million deaf and hard of hearing people in the UK. The number is rising as the number of people over 60 increases. About 673,000 of these are severely or profoundly deaf; 420,000 of them cannot hear well enough to use a voice telephone

What was the the first thing alexander did for the telephone?

Bell accidentally invented the telephone while working on a hearing device for deaf people. That is what he did first for the telephone.

Do deaf people use the braille glove?

Blind people use Braille, deaf people are not visually impaired

What did people first think of the telephone?

When the telephone first came out in public, people regarded it as a toy. Some were also afraid that other people can listen in on their telephone conversations, or that the sounds from coming from it could make a person deaf or crazy.

Why do people use sign language?

People use sign language to communicate with those who are profoundly deaf.Some people are both deaf, blind and dumb (cannot speak). The use their hands to feel sign language and "speak" using their hands.If you are deaf it is the way to communicate with people.A LOT of people use sign language! We use it to communicate with the deaf and sometimes animals, like monkeys.

How do deaf people answer the phone?

They use a TTY. It's basically a type-writer style telephone which allows the deaf person to type what they want to say and the other person to see it and vise-versa. If you are hearing and want to speak to a deaf person you can call a rely service and they will listen to what you have to say, type it to the deaf person, read and tell you what the deaf person is typing back.

What does deaf mean?

Deaf is a word use for people that can not hear. Also many people may be partially deaf, which means they can hear some sounds but not clearly.

How many people use the telephone in a day?

70% of people in the world use the telephone in a day

What was the motive of the telephone?

Alexander Graham Bell was actually working on a device to improve hearing for the deaf (both his parents were deaf) when he invented the telephone, almost by accident.

What is the difference between 'deaf' and 'Deaf'?

In the United States, "Deaf" with a capital "D" refers to those that use American Sign Language as their primary language. Not all deaf people are Deaf. To be deaf is to be unable to hear. It's normally defined as being profoundly hard of hearing. But to be Deaf is to be use sign language as your primary means of communication. So deaf people who aren't "think hearing" but embrace being deaf and therefore sign fluently are considered Deaf

What are Alexander Graham Bell qualities?

making the very first telephone, teaching the deaf people, and being an engenier

Who invented the deaf telephone?

Robert Haig Weitbrecht

How do deaf people use computers?

Without sound.

What are ttys?

TTY stands for Text Telephone. It is also sometimes called a TDD, or Telecommunication Device for the Deaf. TTY is the more widely accepted term, however, as TTYs are used by many people, not just people who are deaf.

How does American sign language help people?

It helps people communicate with deaf and mute people.

Is Lou Fant deaf?

No, he was not deaf. His parents were deaf. His mother language was sign language. Many deaf people were surprised to learn that he was hearing because of his exquisite use and fluency of sign.

Why did alexander graham never talk to his wife on the telephone?

She was deaf.

What else was Alexander Graham Bell famous for?

he was famouse for inventing the telephone to help deaf people and to make it easyer for people that cant hear to somunicate with other people

Why does Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone?

Alexander Graham Bell invented the Telephone to teach the deaf people to talk , and he has been reserching on sound for many years . ~ hope this can help you . :)

Deaf people who speak sign language typically?

Deaf people who use sign language typically process language in their left cerebral hemisphere.

How do deaf people talk on the phone?

To talk to deaf people on phone you can either use sign language while doing a video call or you can just text them or show them some letters written on a notebook

What can deaf people do?

To Sign Language with deaf people

Why did people use the telephone?

They wanted to contact people.

What does TTY mean?

it stands for something like text-telephone. it is used for people who have hearing disabilities or are deaf. The person types what they desire to say and the words are transmitted into sound for telephone calls