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1. A Person's Annual Income Bracket (low-class, middle-class, upper-class, etc)

2. Level of Education (High school, Bachelors, Masters, PhD)

3. Mother Language/Speakable Language.

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How will the demographic and economic factors affect an organization?

there are so many demographic and economics factors affecting an organization be it governmental or non governmental organization.Among the demographic factors are migration of the people,fertility and mortality.They affect organization positively and negatively .For instance

What Political factors affect a college?

what are the political favtors that affect a college?

What are the factors affecting a new business?

Natural disasters1.Demographic factors like the population composition,size and location does affect the business environment. 2.Political interventions and environment one way or the other largely affects the.

What demographic factors can affect a business?

Demographics such as income, race and location are all factors that affect businesses. Businesses use this information in order to meet their customer's needs.

What political factors affect Oxfam?


How do economic factors geographical factors historical factors and political factors affect my culture today?

This affect the culture as the culture you adopt must be in line with all the factors.

What factors economic social political or environmental impact on the Harvey Norman's business performance?

what political factors affect the retail industry in aystralia

What are some demographic variables on same-sex marriage?

Some demographic variables that seem to affect a person's support or opposition to the legalization of same-sex marriage include: age, religion, level of education, political party, political philosophy, sexual orientation and state of residence.

What are the demographic factors that affect immigration?

Immigration is influenced by push and pull factors. Push factors, such as unemployment or overpopulation, push people to leave an area. Pull, such as employment opportunities and stability, pulls people to a town.

What are the Factors that affect tourism?

There are several factors that affect tourism. They includeÊsecurity, infrastructure, tourist attraction sites, marketing, government policies andÊcurrency fluctuations. They can beÊÊclassified as either political factors, economic factors, technological factors,Êdemographic factorsÊorÊcultural factors.

What environmental factors affect the practice of industrial relation Nigeria?

How can political environment affect the practice of industrial relations

What are the factors responsible for social change?

Factors such as demographics, political and economic are responsible for social change. Each of these factors can affect social change significantly.

What is the difference between the general environment and the task environment?

General environment is the types of External environment that affect the performance of Business organization indirectly, it comprise the following factors: 1.Political factors 2. Economic factors 3. social cultural factors 4. Technological factors 5.Demographic factors Task environment is the types of External environment that affect the performance of Business organization directly, it comprise the following factors: 1.Customers 2.Suppliers 3.shareholders 4.Environmentalist 5.Government agencies 6.Competitors 7.Media etc.

How did immigration affect demographic patterns in the US?


Factors affecting business environment?

1.Demographic factors like the population composition,size and location does affect the business environment. 2.Political interventions and environment one way or the other largely affects the business environment. 3.The Legal environment also affects the business environment. 4. Economic factors like, Inflation, interest rate on loans, exchange rate systems.

What are the factors affecting educational planning?

a. How does political pressure affect the educational planning and management?

What factors affect population distribution?

Several factors determine an area's population distribution and density. They include, available resources, climate, and political, social and economic factors.

How do political factors affect the location of a factory?

The political arena has a huge influence upon the regulation of businesses, and the spending power of consumers and other businesses.

What factors don't affect friction?

The age, color, cost, or political affiliation of the objects have no effect on the friction between them. Well, maybe their political affiliation . . .

How do changes in political system affect society?

THey just do mate. Stop asking stupid questions this isn't what this website is for.

What are internal and External factors that affect an environmental management system?

Environment factors in management system include social,economical,educational,political and legal factors. These can be regarded as external factors. These factors are interconnected with the management practices.

What are factors affecting economic and non economic industrialization?

A wide variety of factors affect economic and non economic industrialization. The culture of the people, the social climate, and the political motives of the nation all affect industrialization.

What are the environmental factors affecting textile industry in India?

Following are the external factors that affect the textile industry of India: 1. Legal factors 2. Political factors. 3. Technology 4. Government Intervention

What are the three factors that affect currency values?

a) Economic Conditions b) Balance of Payments c) Political Stability

How does external factors affect Mark Spencer?

External factors affect Marks and Spencer in terms of the buying power of customer. The marketing strategies of the company must also adapt to the external factors such as political, economic, technological, legal and environmental factors for the brand to continually thrive in a given location.

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