How do disabled people manage?

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Are there grants for disabled people?

Are there grants for disabled people?

Does Brazil have disabled people?

Yes, there are many disabled people there.

Is it this phrase correct disabled people weaknesses'?

No. You could say "disabled people have weaknesses", or "disabled people's weaknesses...".

How are disabled people treated in your society?

are disabled people made inclusive in our society

Can disabled people sing?

yes disabled people can sing all they have to do is practese

Is there a game of table tennis for disabled people?

Yes there is, Disabled people can play normal Table Tennis to but it is better if they played the disabled one.

How do disabled people communicate?

disabled people communicate with sign language, and they read and feel the dots.

How do people with mental disabilities live their life?

Mentally disabled people live life in the same way that everyone else does. Just because they cannot think as well as other people does not stop them from enjoying life. Many disabled people are smart enough to have a job and support themselves. Sometimes, they need to live in a group home that helps them manage things, but usually they do OK.

What is the philosophy of welfare for the disabled?

Disabled people are less capable of completing tasks that non-disabled people can. This means that it is usually more difficult for a disabled person to find work than someone who is not.

What is riding the disabled?

Riding for the disabled is helping people disabled to ride because they enjoy it and it is able to be done

Why do disabled people have a blue badge?

Bcah dey r disabled

Where can you find loans for disabled people?

Anywhere that gives loans to people that arent disabled. Bank, credit cards, etc all give loans to disabled people, they are not allowed to discriminate.

What grants are available for disabled people?

The grants available for disabled people are like disabled toilets, lifts (even though everyone uses these),special carehomes and exectra.=Can you think of any other grants for disabled people? work it out and lets see what you get.....=

About how many physically disabled people live in France?

There is no way to know exactly how many physically or mentally disabled people live in a particular country. There are probably thousands of disabled people in France.

How were disabled people treated in world war 1 time?

Not very good, people looked down at them because they were disabled and it would of been a disgrace if you had a disabled child.

Why do So many people hate disabled People?

People don't hate disabled people it just that they could be rude or disruptive when people are trying to talk

What are physically challenged people?

Disabled people.

What percent of mentally disabled people have autism and what percent of the mentally disabled have down syndrome?

100 million people

When was Norwegian Federation of Organisations of Disabled People created?

Norwegian Federation of Organisations of Disabled People was created in 1950.

How they manage the expenses?

There are a number of ways that people could manage their expenses. People could manage expenses by keeping a book.

Why did Hitler kill disabled people?

Because Hitler believed that they were no use to Germany and and disabled people that were 'curable' were taken to do experiments on.

How do disabled people feel?

from my findings disabled people have mixed feelings some feel they are still treated way to differntly

What is the purpose of the paralympics?

Paralympic games are for people who are disabled so the games that disabled people play are called Paralympic games

Free Online dating service for disabled people?

There actually is a website for disabled people and it is called disabled there's also another one called Whispers 4

How many people in the world are disabled?

653,704,493,512 people