How do doctors check for asthma?

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they use a peak flow meter

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Q: How do doctors check for asthma?
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A is a scientific name for asthma doctors?


How do doctors check if you have asthma?

They ask you a lot of question about your symptoms and they doing a spirometry test. Sometimes they do x-ray of chest too.

Where can one find information on Asthma treatment?

One can find information on asthma treatment from local doctors or from books. There are many books on asthma that gives information for treatment. Doctors can also give useful and reliable information on asthma treatment.

When you go to the doctors for asthma refills do they weigh you?

well i have asthma and they dont weigh me so no probs not

Is eating pigeon is recommended by doctors in asthma disease?


Where can I find information about asthma treatments?

You can research more about asthma treatments or ask your doctors for more information about them and also go to online websites such as to find out more about it.

Why would doctors ask a patient who has asthma to write down the times and places that they had asthma attack?

to see how frequent they get asthma attacks and so that they can see what [activity]causes them the attack.

My sister was just diagnosed with asthma. What are the most effective asthma treatments these days?

This depends on the kind of asthma that your sister has. Most doctors recommend keeping a breather with them at all times.

What do doctors do when you go to the doctors office?

They could do a check up on you or check if your healthy.

Can you grow out of asthma?

No. But you will not notice your asthma as much when you age.Don't listen to this person, that fact is wrong. My nan and my brother have both grown out of asthma and the doctors have confirmed. So 'YES! you can grow out of asthma but it depends if you take your medication properly and how bad your condition of asthma is'Love, lozziemacozzie ♥

What doctor treats asthma?

Pulmonologist are specialists dealing with lung related disease. But asthma is usually treated by Internists or doctors practicing General Medicine

Do they have a athsma and allergy clinic in Arkansas childrens hospital?

they have an allergy clinic and they do have doctors that work with asthma patients, i don't remember if they have just an asthma "clinic"

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