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all dogs raise there puppies differently it probably depends on its size shape its behavior and how they get along with there siblings if they have any

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If my boxers have puppies and i keep them aand raise them will i have chaos in my house?

If your boxers have puppies and you keep and raise them, you may have chaos in your house. You need to make sure to train all of the dogs properly with consistency.

When do dogs have puppies and can dogs eat puppies?

Yes. They have puppies..... Who doesn't know that? And eww. Dogs do NOT eat their puppies......

Can two dogs have puppies?

2 dogs of the opposite sex can have puppies

What state do puppies like the most?

Puppies like the state Florida the best. I have studied the behavior of puppies and dogs for many years and out of thousands of dogs and puppies and species, the puppies and dogs liked Florida the best.

How often do dogs have puppies?

Dogs normally have puppies every 6 months.

How old do dogs have 2 be 2 have puppies?

The dogs have to be 12 months to have puppies...

How do guide dogs train their puppies?

guide dogs don't train their puppies or the puppies being trained to be guide dogs but professional dog trainers do

What do puppies meean?

puppies are baby dogs

Do mom dogs know their puppies when their puppies get older I have the father and the mother and one of their puppies They all live together and was wondering if they know the 3 yr old is theirs?

ohh yea dogs are good like that if you have a puppy and you raise it and leave for about a month and have someone dog sit then when you get back they will definalty remember you

12 dogs in a park 2 of them are puppies. what fraction of the dogs are puppies?

2/12 or 1/6 of them are puppies

Why are puppies more naughty that adult dogs?

Puppies aren't trained, adult dogs are

How do you make your Nintendogs mate?

No the dogs are actually puppies and puppies can't have puppies.

Is this statement true these puppies are normal dogs all dogs are active these puppies are active?

Yes, it is.

Do male dogs make puppies?

No, Male Dogs Can't Make Puppies, It's physically Impossible. Only Females Can Make Puppies.

Why do dogs have lots of puppies?

Dogs have lots of puppies because they have evolved to do so. Survival rate of puppies is not as high as other animals, and they do not invest as much time in each puppies as other animals. So, to continue the species dogs must have a large number of puppies.

How do dogs show parental care to their young?

Mother dogs will feed the puppies her milk, and also lick the puppies clean. Both mother and father dogs will protect puppies from harm.

When dogs carry their puppies in their mouth do it harm the puupy?

when dogs carry their puppies in their mouth does it harm the puppy

How many pupies can dogs have?

dogs can have from 1 to 15 puppies. but the average dog have 6 -12 puppies

When do dogs have puppies?

A dog has puppies a month after being bred

How long does it take to have puppies ninintendo dogs?

They can't have puppies.

Do elephants have puppies?

No, elephants have a calf maybe. Dogs have puppies

What are dogs puppies called?

The answer to your question is IN the question. They are called puppies.

What do dogs produce?

dogs produce puppies <3

Can the dogs on Nintendogs have puppies?


When dogs are about to have there puppies do they eat?