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The same way as everyone else.

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Q: How do ectomorphs build muscle?
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What are the examples of body composition?

There are three major body types - ectomorphs, endomorphs and mesomorphs. Ectomorphs - have minimal muscle and minimal fat. An example would be a marathon runner. Endomorphs - have lots of fat. They have a pear shaped body. An example would be a sumo wrestler. Mesomorphs - have lots of muscle and have a 'V' shaped body. A prime example would be a gymnast.

Does whey protien build muscle?

Yes. All proteins build muscle.

Is there anyway to build muscle on your face to make it wider?

It will come slowly as you build muscle on the rest of your body. It will come slowly as you build muscle on the rest of your body.

What body type that is tall and thin?


Can you build muscle over fat?

no its not impossible to build muscle over fat, but it is impossible to change ur fat into muscle. Fat and muscle are completely different things therefore you cannot change fat into muscle. You can build muscle over fat though. Just do cardio to lose fat

How is ectomorphs clasified?

By their slim or linear body types

How long does it take to build muscle from walking?

It takes quite a while to build muscle from walking, but it takes only a short time to build good strong leg muscle from jogging or running.

What vitamin builds muscle?

Vitamins do not build muscle. Proteins do.

In what muscle does lactic acid build up?

skeletal muscle

What does protein build?


How can i build extra size muscle and body?

Weight training is the best way to build extra muscle and body size.

What is the easiest muscle to build?

Your tongue, as it is already the strongest muscle in your body.

Do dietary supplements , such as those available at GNC, help build muscle tone when used in conjunction with lifting free weights ?

They don't help build muscle, but they do increase your intake of protien which is what your body needs to build muscle.

When does the body build muscle?

After you work out, you rip muscle tissue and your body builds the muscle back. Thus, forming muscle on top of muscle.

Do crunches build muscle?


How do you build thigh muscle?


Does Tylenol help build muscle?


What does protein help build?


Does lettuce build muscle mass?


Does fiber help build muscle?


Do lipids build muscle?

yea they do

What does weight lifting do?

build muscle

How do you build muscle with a fast metabolism?


What kind of sports can a ectomorph do?

Ectomorphs can do any sport!! You body shape does not have as much impact on which sport you can play as much ability. Yes ectomorphs may not be come O line men or body builders but what they lack in size and power they make up with speed and endurance. So look at sports highlight you natural abilities but in saying that Wayne Gretzky is a Ectomorph and is consider the best hockey player to ever play the game. Also with repettion and hard work you can build muscle or change you body type a little. Many players of contact sports are either Ectomorphs or Endomorphs and either gain or lose weight to look more like the Mesomorph. Once they stop playing the sport they then revert to their natural body type.

Does running or jogging make your legs bigger?

Well there could be several causes to bigger legs. 1. There are three distinct body types- Endomorph, Mesomorph and Ectomorph. Endomorphs are bigger boned and gain body fat easily. They gain muscle normally. Mesomorphs are medium-large boned and gain muscle very easily, both men and women. The weight gain you are experiencing is likely muscle gain. Ectomorphs are USUALLY very thin (although there ARE overweight ectos like myself) and have trouble building muscle. You could be a endo, meso or both. 2. Your diet. Do you eat a lot of meat/chicken/fish? Those foods have a lot of protein in them that builds muscles as well. If you eat primarily vegetables and do the same exercise, you won't build muscles NEARLY as easily. With no meat protein, muscle is near impossible to build up. Your body will use the fat you already have to try to maintain the muscle it is trying to build.