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Electrical current doesn't work quite the way that you would think.

A simple way to describe electrical current is to imagine a straw filled with marbles. Each marble represents an electron. If you push an electron in one end of the straw, and the straw was full, a marble would exit the other end of the straw.

However, while that example gives an idea of what is going on, electricity is actually exactly the opposite of that. An electron is "pulled" out of one end of a conductor, which crates an electron "hole". An electron next to the hole moves into that empty spot, and so on and so on. So, even though you could visualize the electricity moving through the conductor as "pushing a marble", it's really "pulling one out" and marbles are moving to "fill the gap". (This is known as hole movement in electricity).

Different metals have different levels of conductivity. The conductivity refers to how easily electrons can move through the metal. The less conductivity, the more "resistance" there is. When electrons are forced through a metal that has a high resistance, heat is generated. This is why the burner on your electric stove gets hot; a lot of electricity is being pushed through a metal that has a high resistance, and therefore gets hot.

The electric flow through Metal by the move of Electrons from one place in that Metal to another place.

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Q: How do electric currents flow through metals?
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Can electric currents flow through an open circuit?

No, the circuit must be closed for currents to flow through.

What is a path through which electric currents flow?


What is the path for transmitting electric currents?

Electric currents flow from the source through the circuit and back to the source in materials called conductors.

The amount of electric current that can flow through a circuit depends on?


What happens to the currents in a circuit?

a cell pushes electric currents around a circuit.If there are two or more cells then more currents will flow through them.

A flow of electric currents?


Is it true that in a series circuit electric currents flow through more than one path?


Why are metals good conductors of electric current?

An electric current can be carried through a metal by the free flow of the shared electrons.

When electric currents flow in the same direction through two wires the wires attract each other why?


What materials will conduct the flow of electricity?

While electricity doesn't flow, current does. Conductors are materials that allow the electrical currents to flow through them. Metals are the best conduction, such as silver and copper.

What best describes electric currents?

The flow of electrons

What controls the flow of electric currents?

EMF force or voltage

What is present when currents flow through a wire?

There must be a Electron flow in that wire. Or Energy in the form of Electric will flow in that wire. Influences that are present are Voltage, Ohms, and Amperes (amps)

What are cold resistance and hot resistance?

Metals heat up as electrical currents flow through them. Cold resistance is the metals resistance before it is operating. Hot resistance is the metals resistance after operating time has elapsed some.

When electric currents are not allowed to flow the circuit is called a?

non conductor

What are good conductors of electrical currents because electricity can flow through them easily?

All metals but some such as Copper Silver and Gold are really good.

Can you make low currents to travel with out any wire?

Electric charges will flow through all sorts of substances, not just metals. It is also possible for charges to go through empty space, if the voltage is high enough - especially if an electrode is heated. Read about electron tubes. On the other hand, with a phenomenon known as capacitance, a current can flow through empty space, even if no charges flow.

Electric current in metals result form the flow of?


What do electric currents look like?

You can't see a flow of electrons, which is what a current is.

Does not let electrical currents flow through it?


What do scientists that convection currents flow through?

its the mantle

A complete unbroken path through which electric charges can flow is an?

electric circuit-A complete, unbroken path through which electric charges will flow IT IS AN ELECTRIC CIRCUIT

What does the voltage does current moves through a circuit?

the voltage is a flow of currents to which they flow in the circuit

Contrast insulators and conductors?

Insulators do not allow electric current to flow through. Conductors allow electric current to flow through.

Which metals that are not conductor that did not permit the flow of electric?

If a substance does not permit the flow of electrons, then it is not a "metal".

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