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There is no difference between the male and female gender for taste buds, but some people think that females have better taste buds. The female uses them more actively.

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No, there is no difference in the anatomy or physiology of taste buds by sex. But some people think that females have better taste buds because they give birth.

yes, everybody (male or female) has different likes and dislike because of it.

They don't. The number of taste buds varies from individual to individual, but it is not influenced by gender.

of course you can, we have a male and female umbrella together and they are the the best of buds

It doesn't have buds. Has pollen sacs

Male cannabis plants grow pollen sacks with seeds, while the female grows buds.

You can. It won't have buds. Just leaves with a small amount of THC relative to the female.

No. All white-tailed deer fawns will have the similar pattern of spots regardless of the sex. The best way to tell if a fawn is male or female is by looking for the antler buds at the top of the head. Buds present = male, buds absent = female.

yes but pollinated buds lose quality

The male plant is usually seperated with the female plant because not only does the male plant not bud as beautifully and wholey as a female plant, you won't get very high from smoking the male plant.

Tetrahydrocannabinol is produced in the buds of the female marijuana plant, THC does not naturally occur in male marijuana plants.

A male gross balls where the new parts of the plant as a female grose what look like new leaves but will grow into buds

There is a gland in the roof of a dogs' mouth that allows them to "taste" a scent. In this case the male is checking to see if the female is in heat.

Female plants create buds. The police will arrive at your home momentarily. female plants grow straight and tall whila males grow wide .

female marijuana plants produce buds (they are what you want to smoke) and male just try to pollenate the females to produce seeds. if you see a male, cut it down and get it away from any possible females unless you are trying to get a female to produce a lot of seeds for the future...

When it comes to eating pig, humans eat both male and female pigs. The gender of the pig does not matter. However, many people claim that a male pig does taste better.

Hens are chickens so they taste exactly the same. A hen is a female chicken, a rooster is a male chicken.

Both male and female platypuses are born with spur buds on their ankles. The female's spur buds drop off before they are a year old. The male's spurs produce venom. The venom is used for defense and increases during the mating season.

No they are not. They are strictly male and female.No they are not. They are strictly male and female.No they are not. They are strictly male and female.No they are not. They are strictly male and female.No they are not. They are strictly male and female.No they are not. They are strictly male and female.

Pistils grow out of the female buds of a plant to more efficiently catch pollen from the male plant that is floating through the air.

if you are a male, get a male. if you are a female, then get a female.

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