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How do find serial number on Remington rifle?


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The serial number should be easy to find if it's not and it's a rimfire prior to 1968 it very well may not have one.

Pre-serial# Remington rifles had a date code (which will only tell you date of manufacture) It is two tiny letters on the rear left side of the barrel. (Mine happens to be k G which equals may, 1960) I found the Remington date code chart online, but I don't have it on this computer or I would send it to you. (Just Google Remington date code)

Hope that is what you were looking for.


The chart can be found on the Remington Society of America and only rifles made since 1921 have barrel codes.

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The answer is yes. How do I know; I have a model 4 rolling block rifle. I am trying to find out the year of mfg. The serial# is 354682

the early 500 series Remington 22 cal rifles did not have a serial number. I believe serial numbers were required after 1968

Since 1921 Remington has date stamped the barrel you can find the details/table on the Remington Society of America under the Manufactured Date link.

Unsure of your description- am not aware that Remington ever made a woman's rifle. The model number is usually marked on the barrel. Serial numbers, IF ANY, are on the frame. Serial numbers were not required until the 1968 Gun Control Act- I have several Remington 22 rifles that have never HAD a serial number. Remington rifles, BTW, are dated not from the serial number, but a 2 or 3 LETTER code stamped on the barrel. Left side, about a half inch from the receiver.

My nylon 66 has no serial number, how do I find out what year it was made? <><><><><> Rifles and shotguns made prior to 1968 were not required by law to have a serial number. However, on the left side of the barrel, right at the receiver, you may find a 2 or 3 letter code. The Remington Collector Association website has a chart to decode the letters for the month and year that a rifle was made.

The Remington model 4 rolling block rifle was made between 1890-1933.If you have a model 4S military rifle,then these were made by Remington from 1913-1923.your rifle has either a 22.5in barrel,or a 24in barrel.These were chambered in .22,.25 Stevens,or 32 caliber.

Basically impossible to do with just the serial number.

Contact Winchester with the serial number of the rifle

I have a Remington model 514 also that I bought new in about 1952 and I can't find the serial number ether. DC

You can't. One serial number is NOT unique to only one rifle in the world. Sorry.

Since 1921 Remington has date stamped the barrel you can find the details/table on the Remington Society of America under the Manufactured Date link.

if after 1920 - it'll be date code stamped, look at related links for information on the Remington Society of America. Before that need model/serial or Call Remington.

According to the Remington website they began production in 1922 and ended in 1935. The serial numbers ranged from 00001 to 130425. I have the same gun with the same question but this is all I have been able to find out Remington barrels have code in alphabet which tells thf month and year of mfg the Remington society has this info

If your Colt Stagecoach was made from 1965 - 1968 it will not have a serial number.

It is likely that a Savage Model 22 rifle does not have a serial number. Serial numbers were not required by law in the US until 1968.

Not possible. Serial numbers are not unique to one maker.

Many Remington rifles manufactured prior to 1968 did not have serial numbers. You can find a date code on the left side of the barrel near the breech. The Remington Society website contains a page that contains a listing of the date codes and their corresponding months and years.

What is the year of manufacture of Winchester model 94 rifle serial number 2359141

the serial number is written on the metalwork on the left hand side of the rifle.

You will have to contact Remington to find out.

Find the serial number and google the Remington sight. They should have records of when the weapon was produced.

You will have to contact Marlin to find out.

You will have to contact Marlin to find out.

I am not aware of any Remington .22 rifle with a 672 designation. Unless there is a very late model from Remington with that model number, I believe you are referring to their model 572 rifle. The M/572 was a PUMP repeater that was initially produced in the 1950's, in various grades and is, or was until the last year or two, still being manufactured. Serial numbers were not required on .22 rifles up until December of 1968, when the infamous "Gun Control Act of 1968" was passed. If you do indeed actually have a model 572 PUMP rifle, and you can not find the serial number, you most likely have a unit manufactured prior to 12/68, since all M/572 rifles with serial numbers have them very plainly stamped on the side of the receiver.

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