How do firefighters put out forest fires?

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Forest fires may be many miles from any road. It would be impossible to move any sort of "fire extinguisher" to such fires. They are controlled by separating the unburned fuel from the fire, using fire line. They may be assisted with a small supply of water, which is used to cool the fire (steam removes heat). Water can be supplied by helicopters, pumps and relay tanks, or by backpack pumps.

Sometimes wildfires are slowed down or stopped by using airborne water or fire retardant drops from airplanes or helicopters directly over the fire.

Fires near the urban interface can be effectively put out using water from fire hydrants or pumped from other sources.
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How do firefighters put out fires?

Firefighters use many methods to put out fires. The extinguishing method depends on four factors, which are called the fire tetrahedron. Imagine a pyramid with four sides. The sides are: . Fuel (Reducing Agent) . Oxygen (Oxidizing Agent) . Heat . Self sustained chemical reaction. If you ( Full Answer )

If you have a fire truck are you obligated to put out a fire if you arent a firefighter?

No you are not. If you have a scalpel are you obligated to perform surgery. Again, no you are not. Just because you have a fire truck does not mean that you should or can use it to put out fires. If you do use it then you open yourself up to all kinds of problems. I am a firefighter/driver/pump oper ( Full Answer )

How would you put put a fire out if you were a firefighter?

Firefighters use several kinds of fire-fighting chemicals: For ordinary fires: water or a Class A extinguisher For fires involving combustible chemicals such as gasoline, grease, or oil (Class B): C02 (carbon dioxide), dry chemical extinguishers such as foam, sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarb ( Full Answer )

How to put out a forest fire?

call the fire brigade and they will use there hoses to put out the fire. they will use tons and tons of water. it will take a long time to put out a forest fire. If the fire does not happen to be conveniently located near any road or water supply, the fire crew will use hand tools and chainsaws to ( Full Answer )

How long does it take firefighters to put out a fire?

Different fires take different amounts of time to bring them under control and to extinguish them. You might have guessed that. Some fires can be put out in seconds, and others burn for days or even weeks (like a fire in a dump for old tires). There are many variables that determine the length of ti ( Full Answer )

When you are a junior firefighter do get a fire radio?

It depends on what type of program that department uses. However I'm a junior FF and we have two separate areas in our program associate members and first responders which is what i am and me and my two friends in the same position have minitor V pagers assigned to us

Why are forest fires so hard to put out?

Since there are obviously no fire hydrants in a forest, it is more difficult to fight wildfires. Tanker trucks can't be driven in because of all the trees and lack of roads. The trees, brush, and leaves provide ideal fuel for the fire because they are so flammable.

What is salary of cal fire firefighters?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the estimated mean annual wage for firefighters as of May 2008 is, $45,700. This would amount to $21.97 per hour. Median annual wages of fire fighters were $44,260 in May 2008. The middle 50 percent earned between $31,180 and $58,440. The lowest 10 pe ( Full Answer )

How do you put out a forest fire?

A forest fire is difficult to put out - just look at forest firesthat have occurred in California for several days and even weeks.Water, retarding agents and backfires are the preferred methods.DON'T USE LIQUOR! I'VE TRIED IT

Why is it sometimes dangerous to put out forest fires?

It is almost ALWAYS dangerous to put out forest fires. Specially trained and equipped firefighters know how to do it safely. Fires can cause homes, vehicles and other property to be damaged. Fires can cause injuries to people and animals caught in the heat and smoke. Forest fires can cause heavy ( Full Answer )

How do firefighters put out an airoplane fire?

Special F.D. Crash trucks are used to put out fires in aircraft. These trucks usually carry their own water and foam in the truck. Fire Hydrants are not located on runways. Foam is a major tool in airframe fires because it acts like a blanket. Other extinguishers like Carbon dioxide and special chem ( Full Answer )

What do firefighters do when they get to a fire?

To understand my answer, I guess you have to understand that there are a couple types of firefighter, each having a different role. The easiest way to put this is that mostly there are two types of firefighter. Engine Company and Truck (or ladder) company. (keep in mind there are several other type ( Full Answer )

What is that songs name where that man's a firefighter fighting a forest fire?

This is very interesting- the song (We didn"t start the Fire) is NOT about fire fighting if you follow it from the beginning- it is a juxtaposition of apparently unconnected historic al events of the past half-century ( when it was written) and presumably there was computer animation =say magazine c ( Full Answer )

Do only firefighters put out California fires?

When you put 'only' after 'Do' it really confused me... but no. Only firefighters from that city puts out that fire that's in that city. such as Chicago IL for example, only the firefighter station from Chicago puts out Chicago and their fire. If that's what you meant. Hope this helped!

How do fire fighters put out forest fires?

Smaller forest fires can be put out by spraying water in the right places. Large fires are usually put out by a combination of methods which can include dumping large amounts of water from an aircraft and various ways of cutting off the burning part from the fuel source. This can be in the form of c ( Full Answer )

Why Do FireFighters put out fires with foam?

Foam is used to smother the fire usually in cases where water would just move the fire around and make amtters worse such as an oil or gasoline fire. Foam deprives the burning liquid of oxygen and suffosates the fire. If you sprayed water on a gasoline fire for example, the fire would still burn and ( Full Answer )

To methods that help put out a forest fire?

small forest fires can be sprayed with water as when you put water over fire then it puts out the heat so the fire triangle is broken and fire cannot be made . fire triangle is something im learning at school so just to not confuse u all . hope it helps

What do firefighters say when there is a fire?

Firefighters use a variety of words and descriptions when they arrive at a fire. Each department uses different protocols and words or 10 codes to report a fire. When a fire is dispatched, some departments generally use phrases such as "structure fire", "residential fire", "commercial fire", or "au ( Full Answer )

How are forest fires put off?

By the anti-fire solutions. . Also by using many firemen using water from a nearby river. Dont forget the helicopters that "scoop" up water from the rivers and drop water into the Forest fire.

Can you go to a fire if you are not a firefighter?

Many times you can, although the fire is usually sealed off by police officers to prevent injuries to the public. Some jurisdictions have outlawed portable police and fire radio scanners in private vehicles, so you cannot "cruise" for fires. This is a public safety issue when too many unnecessary pe ( Full Answer )

What do firefighters use to help put out forest fires?

Firefighters primarily use hand tools to build a fireline that separates burning fuel from unburned fuel. The typical tools consist of a pulaski and shovel, supplemented by different types of hoes (McCloud, hazel hoe, etc) and cutting tools (brush axes, chainsaw, etc). Some firefighters have the ( Full Answer )

Why do firefighters kill the fire?

firstly, they dont 'kill' the fire the put it out, usuing differnet ways, depending on what the fire is burning. and they put it out to stop fires burning places, that can damage the area. also to keep people and animals out of harm. hope this helped u :P lol

What tools are used to put out forest fires?

Most fire crews use hand tools and a chainsaw to create a break in the fuel available to a wildfire. The hand tools usually consist of shovels, pulaskis, mcclouds, fire rakes, and other cutting and digging tools. Other tools used to put out forest fires include: water hoses, bulldozers, plough-tr ( Full Answer )

What do firefighters do at the fire station?

Practice, Maintain the equipment. Fire hoses must be rotated and cleaned to keep it serviceable. Apparatus must be checked. Every morning the engines and pumps are tested at the beginning of the shift. A dispatched will usually handle logs and calls of all types. training and study is a way of life ( Full Answer )

Do firefighters intentionally start forest fires?

The Forest Service (USFS) and similar groups do controlled burns. These are controlled and they do not do it for entertainment, they do it to keep things in that particular area in order. So some groups, not just your general firefighters, are allowed to when it is needed. When controlled burns ar ( Full Answer )

Why is it important for firefighters to fight fires?

To preserve ones home and the surrounding environment. Wild land fires may kill crop, forest, habitat, animals and many more important this we need to sustain lives. To keep it simple. I guess my question would be why isn't it important for firefighters to fight fire?

What do firefighters use to stop a fire?

It depends upon what kind of fire it is and where it is located. In many cases, firefighters have easy access to water and a fire is comprised of ordinary combustible materials that can be extinguished using water. However, some types of fires would react violently with water and different typ ( Full Answer )

How do firefighters put out fire storms?

They really can't put them out. When a fire gets that bad it sucks out all the oxygen in the air and it will pull people into the fire.

What does a firefighter do when there's no fire?

If you mean "false alarm", there could be an investigation about who called in the fire. If you mean times between emergency calls at the fire station, there are many other parts of being a firefighter. Bottom line, they spend time making sure they and the equipment are ready for anything, then h ( Full Answer )