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most of the time this problem is caused by a vacume leak. You might have a vacume leak or a vacume hose boken. this is more than likely under your dash in the ac system switch. but it could be under the hood. look by the blower motor on the right side next to the fire wall. there is a hose from the engine to that area. that is a good place to start.

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Q: How do fix a 1997 F150 flap or door under the dash that swtiches to heat you can not get heat you changed the hot cold switch that did not fix the problem?
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The button can be either a mute switch or a orientation lock switch. Which one it does is changed in the Settings under "Use Side Switch to".

Why would the tail lights on a 1991 Ford Probe not work when the turning and brake lights do?

check all of the fuses.if they are ok, check the bulbs. If ok, have the headlight switch checked out. My dad has a 95 contour that had the same problem the tail lights and interior lights went out. There was some switch( I believe under the dash) that controled it, that had to be replaced by ford. I found this question actually looking for it because I had the same problem with my 93 Ford Probe. I tried everything. Changed fuses in car, checked bulbs, checked wiring, changed the brake light switch. Nothing worked. Finally figured out it was VERY simple problem!!! It was a fuse under the hood. There's a fuse box under there that I didn't even know of for a while. When I changed it I didn't even know if that was it and IT WAS. Now my dashlights and tail lights work. GOOD LUCK!!

How do you fix the problem where it suddenly changes to French accents?

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What do you do if your 93 Pontiac Bonneville wont start after changing the ignition?

Changed the ignition?? The key tumbler? The switch itself? The parts under the hood? IF the key, was the part in the column in good condition. Did the key assembly seat properly? If the switch itself, it is adjustable to a degree and may not be in the right place. Under the hood? Depends of what was changed.

Volvo Brake lights do not work new switch new fuses new bulbs where is a short most likely to occur?

Try the bulb failure relay. Its the red round one under the dash. I had the same problem and finally changed it and no more problems.

Is there a reset switch for the fuel pump on a 1995 Dodge Neon?

No there is not a reset switch for the pump, if your are having a problem with the fuel pump check the fuse and the relay under the hood, if those are good replace the pump.

77 corvette automatic- neutral safety switch is bad again after running car 20 minutes. Wires to safety switch are hot. Can I by-pass what could be causing the switch to blow new starterbattery?

When I changed my shifter in my 74 camaro I had a similar problem with the battery dying. I later found out that it was because my neutral safety switch was going bad. so what i did was bypass my neutral safety switch by taking it off and just keeping it in the park position but that made the problem worse so what i did was take the n/s switch that came with my shifter and ran two wires from the n/s (RED And PURPLE WHIRES) which is the park position under the carpet to the n/s for the console and i havnt had a problem. or what you can do is disconnect the green and purple wires and ru a jumper wire between them to see if that will work.

Where is the Hyundai accent clutch switch?

The clutch switch is right under the dash board under the clutch it is a long tubular looking switch that pushes in and out

How to reset fuel switch on 1992 Ford Probe?

The switch is located on the drivers side rear wheel house under the mat / carpet. These often corroded so the switch may be shot. Bypass it to see if that fixes the problem; if not, you may have a bad fuel pump.

Where is the relay switch for THE running lights and what does it look like for a 1999 Pontiac sunfire?

the reunning light relay is locsted in the fuse box. it is a small black box. just grab hold and pull out. I had a problem with my running lights, and when I replaced the DRL Relay, which is in the fuse box, it did nothing, so I changed the switch, which was under the dash, near the steering column. It is a small box, about an inch by by inch-and-a-half.

Where is brake light switch on 1999 sterling a9513 truck?

behind the drivers seat in an air manifold under a plastic cover... but more often than not your problem is in the directional switch as it also controls the brakes and the directionals on single wired units... replace the directional switch

Can you bypass the switch on the clutchWhere is it locatedIt seems to be intermittent and won't start sometimes when pressing the clutch?

I had that problem, but by simply bending the bracket on which the switch is mounted to make better contact with the clutch pedal mechanism, the problem was solved. Look up under the dash on the drivers side. Follow the brake pedal up and you will find the switch. It is a simple device to adjust or replace.

Why is your left blinker not working Bulbfuses have been changed?

Try and replace the blinker switch. Iits a round thing under the dashboard on the fuse panel. It should be clearly marked.

How do you repair the high beams on a 1993 lesabre is there a switch or relay?

i just changed my switch about 3 hours ago its under the dash. its bolted to the steering column you have to take off the dash and everthing under it. mine wasnt broke all i had to do was loosen the bolts and slide it forward. but if yours is broke its only 27 dollars.

Washing machine not spinning?

There is a switch that closes when the lid is shut. Should be under the lip, opposite of the hinge side. There is a small plastic piece on the lid that pushes down on the switch. Either the plastic piece has broken off or the switch is bad. This is a common problem. It could be the control or the solenoid that engages the spin but I would bet on the switch.

In a 95 grand prix transmission which solenoid is the tcc switch?

The tcc switch (tcc brake switch) is located under the dash near the brake pedal. The tcc solenoid is located under the side cover in the transmission/transaxle. The tcc switch (tcc brake switch) is located under the dash near the brake pedal. The tcc solenoid is located under the side cover in the transmission/transaxle. The tcc switch (tcc brake switch) is located under the dash near the brake pedal. The tcc solenoid is located under the side cover in the transmission/transaxle.

Are there any reset switch on a fordf150 under the hood of a 1990?

no there is no reset switch under the hood of a 1990 f150 the only reset switch is the inertia switch for the fuel pump located under drivers side dash against firewall black box with red button

1992 buick lesabre runs fine you shut it off then 30 mins later it stalls a half mile down the road maf cps vss sensors all changed?

we had the same problem. we changed the Crankshaft Position sensor, and also the camshaft position sensor. changed ignition coils, and the module under the ignition coil, and still had the stalling problem. an auto mechanic bought it from us and he discovered all that it was was a pinched wire under the ignition module.

Is there a relay for the instrument cluster when you turn your healights on you lose your dashboard lights?

I have the same problem with mine. What I have been able to learn is that it is possibly related to a dimmer switch located just under the dashboard with the roller-wheel and/or the "flash-to-pass" dimmer switch located on the steering column. You can try replacing the one on the steering column to see if that fixes the problem. If it is the dimmer switch under the dash, you will have to strip one out of a used vehicle somewhere or order it directly from Ford as it is a manufacturer's part only.

When the thermostat in the car has been replaced and the car runs right what is wrong with the heater?

usually it is a vacuumn problem right at the heater control switch or sometime under the hood

What switch is located under gas pedal in a dodge stratus?

There isn't a switch there from the factory.There isn't a switch there from the factory.

Have no brake lights changed the bulbs still no brake lights on your 2000 Pontiac?

check for bad switch under dash above pedal arm, generally fail after 75,000 miles

How do you troubleshoot and fix a door ajar light dome light on on a Ford Escape?

Your domelight has a 3 position switch on it. Always off, always on, and on when the door is open. Check this first with the doors closed. If it stays on in every position, this is a problem with the switch, or a short in your wiring. Each door has a button that is depressed when the door is closed. Go to each door one at a time and depress the switch several times to see if the light will go out. The most common problem is the mounting for the switch is loose and it won't allow the switch to go in all the way. If you still have a problem you will need to disconnect each switch until you find the short or find the connector under the dash and troubleshoot it.

1995 grand am gt keeps blowing pcm fuse changed neutral safety switch was fine for 5 months now doing the same thing any body ever had the same problem?

I had the same problem! I found out it was from moisture and corrosion getting into the fuse box under the hood. I was causing thinside box to blow fuses! I put a thin piece of plastic covered rubber foam over box under the hood to seal it and never had the problem again! One other problem I had with the same car was water around the tail lights causing the fuse to blow! Check the seals around the covers!

Why don't my horn work?

Probably broken. The horn is four pieces, the horn(s) under the hood, the switch (in the steering wheel) the relay (under the dash) and the power. Without more information it's impossible to know which of these is the problem, but my experience is that the relay has been the problem more than half the time.