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Go to a hair salon and get it done professionally.

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Q: How do fix blonde hair after pool water turns it green?
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Why pool water turns white swimsuits green?

the chlorine, it also turns blonde hair green, trust me

Does chlorine copper and water make blonde hair turn green?

It isn't the chlorine. Copper in the water is absorbed by the hair, when the hair is washed; the copper oxidizes & turns green

Why some get green hair in pool and some dont?

mostly people with blonde hair or lightly dyed hair ( blonde highlights, dirty dish water blondes, ECT.) turns green because of the lightness the chlorine can have a worse chemical affect on the hair.

How does blonde hair react to copper in pool water?

It Turns Green. Its not the chlorine, it av=ctually hard metals such as copper

What is a good slogan for selling the element chlorine?

Chlorine keeps the water clean but turns your fake blonde hair green.

Will your hair turn green if you go to a water park?

your hair shouldn't turn green unless you bleached it then dyed it blonde

How can you turn your hair green?

If your hair is blonde, you can buy green hair dye and dye it according to directions or get it done at a professional salon. If your hair is darker, then you have to bleach it then add color to your hair. This can also be done at a salon. If you are asking for like a way to turn your hair green by accident, if your hair is blonde and you leave chlorine in it too long, eventually your hair reacts and it turns green.

What are the causes of blonde hair having a green tint?

Hard metals in the water.

Is blonde hair and green eyes rare?

No, it isn't. I know plenty of people with blonde hair green eyes. Infact, it's more common to have blonde hair and green eyes than brown hair green eyes.

Does swimming in chlorine lighten blond hair?

Nope it turns it green. Trust me im brunette but I've got a blonde friend and she says her hair gets tinted green

What color eyes and hair will a baby most likely have if the father has blonde hair blue eyes and the mother has brown hair green eyes?

blonde hair and green eyes

Will peroxide turn your hair blonde?

First it turns orange then after a week,turns blond.

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