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Check dimmer switch.

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Q: How do fix the instrument panel lights if the bulbs and fuse are good?
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How do you stop the beeping noise on a 1995 caprice when the instrument panel lights are on?

its eather a fuse is blowen or one of your bulbs are blowen

Which fuse controls the instrument panel lights on a 2002 Nissan X-Terra?

The instrument panel lights are controlled by the same fuse as the tail lights which is a 15 amp fuse located in the panel in the engine compartment adjacent to the battery. The fuse is only labeled for the tail lights.

Where is the fuse for the instrument panel lights located on a highlander?

The fuse panel is located under the left side of the dashboard.

Where is the fuse for the instrument panel lights located on a Nissan Maxima?

In the fuse will be labeled panel, or cluster , if the fuse is okies its the light switch.What if it is only half of the lights on the instrument panel that are out? Just the cold/hot dial and 5 buttons?

Why the instrument panel lights and gages in Grand Caravan 2001 are out?

Check the fuse.

What is the fuse called for the tail lights and dash lights?

parking lights, these are usually tied to the same circuit as the instrument panel lights

Why are the instrument panel lights off when the rest of the lights are working?

your instrument panel lights can be dimmed(thumb wheel switch) down to practically no lights at all on your instrument cluster, this switch should be located most likely on the dash, left hand side of steering column. If this does not fix the problem ,then you have to check your fuse panel to see if you have a burnt out fuse.

How do you replace the instrument panel bulbs on a 1998 pathfinder?

You probably don't need to replace the bulbs. On your headlight switch panel either the headlight switch itself turns or there is some kind of slider there that shuts the dash lights off and controls how bright or dim they are. All cars sold in America have this feature. Also ther is a fuse on all Japanese vehicles in the fuse box listed as "panel lights".

Why are your instrument panel lights and stereo lights not working in a 2004 Pontiac aztek?

a bad fuse of a faulty switch.

Where is located the fuse for the dashboard lights in the 1994 Mercury Villager?

That is in the fuse panel inside the car. Marked I/P illum (instrument panel illumination)

Why do the instrument panel and rear tail lights refuse to go on when the dial is rotated on a 1994 Mercury Sable?

Burnt fuse...the tail lights and dash lights run together. Replace the fuse and if it burns again, change tail light bulbs first (some may be bad even though they work) and then look for bad wiring if the bulbs haven't fixed it.

Why are the lights on the instrument panel and tail lights not working In a 1996 Honda Accord?

You have got a blown fuse. These lights are all on the same circuit.

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