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How do flashers work?


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2010-04-04 12:24:35
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Basically, there is a bi-metal strip, current flows through the bi-metal connection, this becomes hot while the indicator bulb glows, once its becomes hot the bi-metal strip will move apart as the temperature expands the metal, the indicator bulbs now has no current and does not glow. The bi-metal strip become cold and resets to its starting position, and the process starts again.

This flashers speed depends on the amount of current flowing in the circuit, (through the indicating bulbs) if say one bulb blows the flasher relay may start flashing quicker, this is because there is less current now flowing though the flasher and so does not get so hot, it's still gets hot enough to separate the bi-metal strip, but because it's not as hot it resets much quicker.

Some newer type relays still use this technique but have a third pin, which helps when a bulbs blow to keep a regular time interval. And some new relays have been designed to work with low current drawing bulbs (LED lights), these relays are generally electronic.


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