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Basically, there is a bi-metal strip, current flows through the bi-metal connection, this becomes hot while the indicator bulb glows, once its becomes hot the bi-metal strip will move apart as the temperature expands the metal, the indicator bulbs now has no current and does not glow. The bi-metal strip become cold and resets to its starting position, and the process starts again.

This flashers speed depends on the amount of current flowing in the circuit, (through the indicating bulbs) if say one bulb blows the flasher relay may start flashing quicker, this is because there is less current now flowing though the flasher and so does not get so hot, it's still gets hot enough to separate the bi-metal strip, but because it's not as hot it resets much quicker.

Some newer type relays still use this technique but have a third pin, which helps when a bulbs blow to keep a regular time interval. And some new relays have been designed to work with low current drawing bulbs (LED lights), these relays are generally electronic.

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Q: How do flashers work?
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Why would the blinkers on a 1996 Mustang not work if the flashers do and the bulbs are good?

It has 2 different flashers. One for the turn signals and one for the emergency flashers.

What is going on when the blinkers all of them quit working but the emergency flashers work for a 1992 Toyota pickup?

you need to replace blinker can in your vehicle. the flashers and blinkers have separate flasher cans which is why your flashers still work but not your blinkers

Why would the emergency flashers not work when the left and right flashers work if the hazard switch is off on a 1993 Chevy Corsica?

Faulty hazard switch.

Flashers work turn signals dont fuse is good on 1995 s10 blazer-what's wrong?

because there are two diffrent flashers 1 for the flashers and 1 for turn

Why does the emergency lights work and the blinkers don't on a 1991 mustang?

this car may have separate flashers for the turn signals and the emergency flashers

Why does the 2006 jeep commander Flashers keep blinking even when car is truned off?

It is normal for the emergency flashers to work with key on or off. You need to shut the e-flashers off with the e-flasher switch.

98 buick lesabre flashers work but turn signals don't. what do i try next?

what do i try next? i tried a new flasher on the steering column. my flashers work, but turn signals don't.

Why doesnt my turn signal not working on a navigator?


If terminals on a battery are off do flashers still work?

No because they need power to work.

Your blinkers wont work but the hazards do in your 94 acura integra it is a fuse?

There are two different flashers on vehicles. 1 for the turn signals, 1 for the hazard flashers.

Why don't your blinker work when your flashers are fine?

I found that it was a burnt out bulb

Why Turn signal do not work on 2001 Volvo s40?

try turning on the emergence flashers then they will work i have that problem after i do that it seems to work

My Chevy S10 turn signals stopped working altogether hazzards still work Anyone know why?

I think there are two different flashers one for blinkers and one for the flashers.

Why would one turn signal not work but the brakes and flashers work on a 1998 Buick Regal?

Replace the bulb- There are 2 filaments in this bulb. The brake and flashers work off the same line and the turn signal works off another. If this isn't it, check your fuse box.

Your turn signals do not work but your flashers do on a 1996 Honda accord ex.?


Already replaced Isuzu flasher unit with new one - hazards work but turn signals do not - both sides?

u have two flashers on your car... one for blinkers and one for flashers.

Why would the turn signals not work on your 85 camaro?

We need more information. Never work? Come on and not blink? Do the 4way flashers work?

What is wrong with a 2001 Nissan Xterra if the blinkers stopped working and the flashers still work?

I believe the flashers are on a separate fuse than the blinkers, that is where I would first start to look, is the fuse box

Why wont your turn signals work on a 96 blazer when it's not a fuse and the flashers still work?

Multifunction switch is bad.

When Turn signals do not work but flashers do?

i guess wait for a while then it does not turn just go

How do you fix it when turn signals do not work but flashers do?

The signals and the emergency flashers have separate circuits, separate fuses, separate flasher relays. Start with checking the fuses, the bulbs, the signal flasher relay and wiring and if it still doesn't work it may be the signal switch is bad.

Why does your emergency flashers work on your 93 g20 Chevy van but not the turn signals?

There are two relays, one for the emergency flashers, and one for the turn signals. Your turn signal flasher is defective and needs replacing.

Why would your flashers work but blinkers work only for about 10 seconds?

bad fuse or there is a short in 1 of the wires under your dash

On when the flashers work the back blinks real fast and the inside light doesn't come on?

Replace the bulb on the one that doesn't work.

Caprice turn signal relay?

The turn signals on a 91 caprice do not work, the emergency flashers do.