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Fluids can move two ways, by aerodynamics and hydrodynamics. Aerodynamics refers to gas moving around solid objects. Hydrodynamics refers to liquids moving around solid objects. Example water moving in a turbine.

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Why liquidgas or plasma considered fluids?

Fluids are substances that flow. Liquids flow, gases flow, and ionized gases (plasmas) flow. Thus, they are all fluids.

Which state of matter has the ability to flow?

Fluids have the ability to flow. Fluids are Liquids and Gasses.

Are gases and liquids fluids?

A fluid is any substance that can flow. Since liquids and both flow, they are fluids.

Viscosity is a measure of a fluids?

Viscosity is a measure of a fluids ability to flow.

Is a fluid a gas and a liquid?

Fluids are substances that have the tendency to flow. Gases and liquids are both fluids because they both flow.

Viscosity is a fluids resistance to?

to the Flow

What are second grade fluids?

Second grade fluids are fluids that flow through a parallel plate. The fluids go through the parallel plate horizontal.

A fluids resistance to flow is called?

A fluid's resistance to flow is called its viscosity.

Fluids with a high viscosity resist what?


What do you call a fluids resistance to flow?


Where does cerebrospinal fluids flow?

subarachnoid space

Why solids are not called fluids?

Because the solid can be made to flow, or move so it is called as fluids

What are the three properties of fluids?

Fluids flow under an action of a force.Fluids lack the ability to resist deformation.Fluids change shape as long as a force acts.

Which states of matter can flow?

Liquids and gases can form, but in other words, fluids can flow.

Can all fluids flow?

Yes, that's what "fluid" means - that the substance in question can flow.

Liquids and gases flow easily this is called?


Why are liquids and gases are called fluids?

because they can flow

Why are liquids also known as fluids?

Because they can flow.

What is this : The property of fluids that resist to flow?

im not sure

Why do fluids and gases flow?

Fluids and gases flow because their particles have lots of energy. they have space in between each other and they have potential energy which makes the move around.

if Fluids can flow and change shape to fit their containers Which two states are fluids?

liquids and gases (apex)

Why are gases and liquids reffered to as fluids?

because they move with a flow. liquid flow down the ground, gases flow in currents

Do all fluids flow?

yes you would think so because fluid are liquids and gases . So all fluids should be able to flow because it isn't solid

How do fluids move through a pressure difference?

Fluids flow from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure.

What causes fluids to move or flow?

This is a multi-faceted question. In biological terms, fluids flow across selectively permeable membranes due to concentration gradients. The fluid will flow to the side witht he greater solute concentration (or osmolarity).

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