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How do geese know where to fly

2013-10-10 20:34:57
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Q: How do geese know who flies in front?
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Why do geese fly in formations?

it conserves their energy. Each bird flies slightly above the bird in front of him, resulting in a reduction of wind resistance

Why do the geese honk from behind when they are flying in v formation?

To encourage the other geese in front of them

Why geese fly in v formation?

Geese fly in a "V" formation so the goose in front in breaking the wind so it is more easy for the other geese to fly. All of the geese take turns doing this and being in front so none of them get warn out.

What is the plaural of goose?

Geese... also you put this in the section Geese so how did you not know that?

What sound do geese make do they squack?

no geese dont squak geese make a kinda honking noise and i know that sounds weird:):):):):)

What is a group of geese is commonly know as what?

A general term for birds is flock, which is fine, however gaggle of geese is more appropriate. This is for a group of geese on the ground. If they are flying it is a skein of geese.

What bird flies non stop from Canada to south America?


What bird flies south and makes a loud honking sound?


How do geese know where they are going to migrate?

Geese know where there going because:Scientists have found tiny pieces magnetite in geese 's head. That means they use the magnetic field to travel.Geese use landmarks! Just like we do when we are giving directions, they memorize landmarks.

How do geese know where to fly?

animal instict

What are the native animals of Nebraska?

There are toads, deer, butterflies, flies, turkies, geese, and more.

Do geese know which goslings are theirs?

Yes they surely do!

What kind of geese is in California?

Canada geese, white-fronted geese, emperor geese, Brant geese, lesser snow geese, Ross geese, and Aleutian geese.

What are facts about about geese?

Ummm.... they're not ducks? Just kidding. A interesting fact is male geese are called gander and female geese are called goose. Another fact is adult geese lose their flight and tail feathers each year which is called molting. Sorry don't know much about geese.

What prompts Canadian geese to fly south?

the Canadian goose flies south because of winter

Can Canada geese defecate in flight?

Yes, ask me how I know...

Is geese a collective noun?

No, the word 'geese' is the plural form for the singular noun goose. The collective nouns for geese are:a flock of geesea gaggle of geesea team of geesea trip of geesea skein of geese (in flight)

What is a group of geese called?

A group of geese is called a gaggle of geese, a flock of geese, or a skein of geese (in flight).a gaggle of geese

What is a group of geese is called?

A group of geese is commonly know as a gaggle ( example: the gaggle of geese swam through the pond) <><><><> On the ground, a gaggle. In flight, a skein. But the term flock is used for many types of birds.

Is it a flock of geese or a gaggle of geese?

A Gaggle of Geese are on the ground; a Skein of Geese is in flight.

What do you call a group of geese?

A gaggle of geese.

Is it a litter of geese or a gaggle of geese?

It is a gaggle of geese when on the ground or a skein of geese in flight

Why do Canada geese fly in a v shape?

They fly in a V-shape so that the goose in the front breaks the wind for the other geese, thus making it easier for the rest of the flock to fly. They take turns being at the front of the V so that they all share the task.

What are facts about geese?

geese fact ...... geese fact ......

Is it a gaggle of geese or a litter of geese?

A gaggle of geese