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omg!!! so easy act weird,be like...nasty,and go with other girls when she's watching shell get mad and stop liking you thinking youre like a flirt or something like that she might stop liking you and if she doesnt well be alittle mean to her but like yahh...dont hurt her (how do I know [im a girl:)]..) There are many simple and effective answers to your problem. For instance why not try sleeping with her best friend? Alternatively you could try 'accidentally' running over her favorite pet (nothing sends a better message than squashing her pet goldfish while reversing down the drive way). If you don't like the idea of killing animals you could always try spreading 'nonfactual' information about her, such as, she has VD, or that her parents are brother and sister. - If these solutions don't work your going to really have to use your imagination. I suggest going to your local Rugby club or nearest dimly light pub and asking experienced womanizers for their professional opinions.

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Q: How do get a girl to stop liking you?
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How do you get girl to stop liking a guy and start liking you?

Tell her she has beautiful eyes.

I get turned down by every girl out there how do you stop liking?

Maybe you don't need to stop liking girls; maybe you need to change the way you approach them.

Why do girls stop liking guys?

A girl may stop liking guys due to various reasons. While one girl may stop liking guys due to her constant struggle with a particular guy (or guys) in her life, others may stop liking guys because they simply no longer strive for men. The answer will vary significantly when placed on the individual's situation.

How do you stop liking a girl without getting her upset?

be cool and dont bother her

How do you get a girl to stop liking you with out hurting her feelings?

You don't. With all due respect, your screwed!

What does it mean when I cant stop thinking about a certain girl?

that you are liking her and in the first stage of love.

How do you get a boy to stop liking a girl?

Kick em one in the nuts reall hard

What do you do if your best friend likes who you like?

stop liking the guy or girl that yall both like

How do you get a twelve year old boy to stop liking a twelve year old girl?


How do you stop a boy you like liking some other girl?

Unfortunately, you cant stop a boy from liking someone else because it always seems to back fire. Fate will bring you together if its meant to be.

How can a girl stop liking a girl?

if your straight then just find a really cute boy and get hooked on him. but if your a lesbian then there's nothing u can do.

How do you stop liking your ex boyfriend?

If you can't stop liking him than why did you break up?

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