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How do get a girl to stop liking you?

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2007-07-07 05:02:49

omg!!! so easy act weird,be like...nasty,and go with other girls

when she's watching shell get mad and stop liking you thinking

youre like a flirt or something like that she might stop liking you

and if she doesnt well be alittle mean to her but like yahh...dont

hurt her (how do I know [im a girl:)]..) There are many simple and

effective answers to your problem. For instance why not try

sleeping with her best friend? Alternatively you could try

'accidentally' running over her favorite pet (nothing sends a

better message than squashing her pet goldfish while reversing down

the drive way). If you don't like the idea of killing animals you

could always try spreading 'nonfactual' information about her, such

as, she has VD, or that her parents are brother and sister. - If

these solutions don't work your going to really have to use your

imagination. I suggest going to your local rugby club or nearest

dimly light pub and asking experienced womanizers for their

professional opinions.

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