How do get bagon in Pokemon sapphire?

Steps: 1.) You go to Route 114 and enter the cave, Meteor Falls. 2.) Run across the bridge and then go down the stairs, use "Surf" towards the waterfall 3.) Use "Waterfall" to go up the waterfall (lol) and then enter through to entrance 4.) Run towards the ladder that goes down and go down. 5.) Run towards the left, then go up North to the ladder that leads up and go up. 6.) Go up the stairs and keep going until you get all the way up (you may need to battle the Dragon Tamer) 7.) When you jump down the steep ledges, make sure YOU KEEP TO THE LEFT!!! And keep going. 8.) Before going all the way down, move to the left and you'll see a ladder that goes down. Go down. 9.) Go down the stairs and then use "Surf" 10.) "Surf" towards another entrance and go through that one. 11.) Use "Surf" again and "Surf" foward. 12.) You'll see an item and take it. Then, make sure you DON'T use a repel and run around that area until Bagon appears. (Trust me, I've done this A LOT and it still has appeared yet--Oh wait... FINALLY!) WARNING: Patience is needed!!!