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How do get through to the Minotaur's door in poptropica?

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Play the colors on the door on your floot thing in the same order

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Use you pipe to play the colors on the door in the order given then the doors will open

at the centre of the labyrinth.

The order is numbered from 1-8 so the order is blue blue green yellow yellow red blue green

Mythology Island to the far left in the Minotaurs Cave.

You have to go thought the Labyrinth. AKA the minotaurs maze to get the minotaurs nose ring. The maze is easy. The snakes... don't get me started.

Click on the door you came in through.

itz on mythology island in the cave of the minotaurs at the end of the labyrinth/maze

There is only one Minotaur in Poptropica i have beat the Minotaur too so i know.

you have to get through the minotaurs labyrinth.

all you have to do is find a key for the door then get thru the ninjas and one of the spies will be there

Grover returns the minotaurs horn for Percy so he can plunge it through the Minotaurs heart

You start with 15 bones in a formation. Take out six bones from the formation and spell the word ten.

No, Minotaurs are a fictional creature from Greek mythology.

Minotaurs do not exist, it was a creature from Greek mythology

The plural of Minotaur is Minotaurs. As in "there are a lot of Minotaurs".

You follow the instructions on the bathroom door (hey, this is Poptropica we're talking about. Are you still even surprised at this sort of thing?)

You have to jump in the middle of them then push to a side. then go through the hole

You enter through the locked basement door (left). Chase the bat to the roof to grab the key from him.

go to the kitchen and click on the door. then, run through the basement (or walk). go to the end of the graves and through the hole!

you can not get the cat away from the door on poptropica you have to jump over it

Intead of leaving ten bones behind, (which is impossible) spell out the word: TEN.