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Depends on the type of girl, if she is forward she will flirt with you, make physical contact - touching on your arm etc. But if she is shy, then she may not say much, look embarressed or giggle a lot.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-11 00:59:33
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Q: How do girls act if they like a boy?
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What are girls called when they act like a boy?


How does boy act like a girl?

Boys can act like girls by liking to do what girls do. They would read books that girls usually like and not play to many sports.

How do girls act?

well most of the girls that like other boys they act lik they hate them or like they dont even notice the boy when she knows she likes him too

What are things boys don't like that girls do?

Boy hate it when girls...... Act stupid Talk a.bout gossip or shopping Act like the boss Make everything about her

What way should a teen boy act like around small neighborhood girls?

act all horny and that.

How do girls act when they like another girl?

Same as he likes a boy. They blush and they care.

Is a boy gay if he doesn't think girls are cute at age 8?

No. It is perfectly normal for boys of that age to act as if they don't like girls at all. Girls at that age can often act as if they don't like boys either.

If a girls act like a boy does it mean shes a lesbian?

No. She is only a lesbian if she's sexually attracted to other girls.

Girls should act like girls?

No not all girls they act like themselves

How do you act like you dont like a boy?

You just act like you act around every other boy you act .

Do guys like girls that act dumb?

it all depends on the guy. I don't like girls like that but most guys that act dumb like girls that act dumb

Can girls behave exactly like boys?

no it depends if a girl is a tom boy then she will act like a boy but usually they dont. yes we actually have the same kinds of feelings so yes we can act very much alike

How do you get a girl to like a boy?

Be yourself! Not many girls like it when you act dishonestly and when you pretend to be someone else. Ask her out on a romantic date.

What girls like in boy?

Confidence. If you can act like you know what the hell your doing, people will assume you do know what your doing. Chicks dig that.

How do guys like girls to act?

They want the girl next door attitude and a play boy model body!

How do boys act around girls?

They try to act cool but instead they act stupid because they try to impress girls but it never works. Sometime they act playfully mean if they like you. All so they make fun of you but if any boy does this to you dot take it personally because they actually like you and they want you to like them back.

How do boy like girls?

Girls are sexy

How do you charm a boy?

Be friendly, and act like a regular person. So few girls do that, he'll probably swoon over not having to put up with the act.

Traits of lesbians?

they can act like girls and like girly girls or they they can act like guys and like girls. these are the most important thing to know when it comes to traits.

How do you get a boy that you like to like you back?

You show him signs, hold his hand, do some research about past girls he has gone out with, act more like them. Then you go and ask him out.

How can a girl act like a boy?

Liking the same types of things that boys typically do and not liking the things that girls typically do.

Do guys like girls who act like a guy?

Every guy is different. But most guys i know don't like girls who act like guys. Only some people do: but they usually like girls who act like themselves.

Who are on tour with Fall Out Boy in London 2008?

"Boys Like girls" are the supporting act of Fall Out Boy in London october 22nd 2008- im going yay!!!

How do you act when lots of girls like you?

Act your self! :)

Are you a bysexual if you like girls and boys?

Bisexual means you like your own sex and the opposite sex So if you are a girl but you like girls and boys you are bisexual If you are a boy and like boys and girls you are also bisexual If you are a boy and like boy's then you are gay If you are a girl and like girls you are a Lesbian if you are a girl and like a boy then you are straight if you are a boy and like a girl you are straight too. If you are a girl and like boys and girls and cross dress (dress as a boy) you are Transexual If you are a boy and like boys and girls and if you also cross dress (dress as a girl) then you are Transexual