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How do girls go through puberty?

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As girls turn into young women they will notice breast

development, hair growth, and menstruation. The first change that

the female will probably notice is the change in their breasts.

Then you should get a cupped bra. Shortly after the breast

development she will notice the beginning of pubic hair. Around 12

years old she will notice the growth of underarm hair and on their

legs; shaving may be necessary around this age. The females

menstrual period will most likely come between the ages of ten and

16 1/2. A period is when you pee blood. Once the female has her

period, her ovaries will release an egg. If this egg is fertilized

by a males sperm, the egg will turn into an embryo (developing

baby). If the egg is not fertilized, the uterus will shed it's

lining because it is not needed (this is where the menstrual blood

comes from). For both men and women, they may experience a change

in hormones that may cause their skin to become oil. This extra oil

may result in an increased amount of occasional pimples or acne.

During this time period, the female will also grow in height and

gain weight as well as form a more womanly body shape (her hips

will widen in proportion with the rest of her body's growth).

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