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As girls turn into young women they will notice breast development, hair growth, and menstruation. The first change that the female will probably notice is the change in their breasts. Then you should get a cupped bra. Shortly after the breast development she will notice the beginning of pubic hair. Around 12 years old she will notice the growth of underarm hair and on their legs; shaving may be necessary around this age. The females menstrual period will most likely come between the ages of ten and 16 1/2. A period is when you pee blood. Once the female has her period, her ovaries will release an egg. If this egg is fertilized by a males sperm, the egg will turn into an embryo (developing baby). If the egg is not fertilized, the uterus will shed it's lining because it is not needed (this is where the menstrual blood comes from). For both men and women, they may experience a change in hormones that may cause their skin to become oil. This extra oil may result in an increased amount of occasional pimples or acne. During this time period, the female will also grow in height and gain weight as well as form a more womanly body shape (her hips will widen in proportion with the rest of her body's growth).

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Q: How do girls go through puberty?
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How many times do girls have puberty?

Girls go through puberty once.

Are there any girls that don't go through puberty?

No , all girls and boys go through puberty. Dont worry, for some, puberty starts later but it happens.

Why do you need to go through puberty?

both boys and girls need to go through puberty so that they can become adults. girls especially need to go through puberty so that one day they can have babies(reproduce)

How do girls become mature?

They go through puberty.

Do girls get away from their families after puberty?

No not really girls like me go through puberty at the age of 8 and 16

Do girls go through puberty?

yes, all girls go through puberty. most girls enter puberty around the ages of 9-13 but some girls may start earlier or later. but just because they enter puberty doesn't mean they get their period yet. usually girls get their periods 1 to 2 years after they enter puberty. but some girls are different.They go through it just as much as boys do. It just works differently for girls then boys.

Girls gong to puberty?

Yes, girls go through puberty. It's the time when their breasts get bigger and they start their period

When do you go through puberty?

Girls begin puberty around 10 or 11 and boys around 12 or 13.Boys go through puberty in ages 12 or 13. While in girls, this age is 11 years.

What time do girls change into a women?

When they go through puberty.

Is puberty more difficult for grls then for boys?

For girls, guys only go through puberty once in there life. Girls go through it once a month from about age 13-45 (more or less), So there for, girls.

Why blind girls attain puberty early in their life?

On average, blind girls go through puberty at the same ages and rates as any other girls.

Why do woman get there puberty?

If boys and girls don't go through puberty there will be no babies. We would die out as a specie.

What happens if you go through puberty?

well everyone goes through puberty but girls experience enlargement of breast and go though a menstrual cycle called a period.

What happens to girls at puberty?

When girls go through puberty they experience mood swings and they start to grow breasts. When you go through puberty you normally grow taller and begin to get hips and curves. You also may start having discharge that comes from your vagina. Puberty gets you ready for your period.

How long will you be going through puberty?

Boys will go through Puberty in around six years once it has started ! Girls will be around 5 years.

Which hormone causes puberty to take place in a girl?

An element called estrogen causes girls to go through puberty.

What can girls do through puberty?

You can do everything you normally do during puberty

At what age do girls stop going through puberty?

girls stop going through puberty at about 50+. it depends on your body.

Do boys or girls go through puberty first?

Girls reach puberty earlier than boys at the age of 9-12 years. Boys reach puberty at the age of 12-14 years.

Why do girls go thourgh puberty first?

Girls Go Through it first Because, of the way the women body works. Girls have a date and time when they HAVE TO GET THERE PERIOD.

When should boys start liking girls?

When they go through puberty so when they are in their teens

Do girls go through puberty problems?

Some do, but other's don't. It depends on the individual.

What happens when you go through puberty if your a boy?

when boys go through puberty, two hormones are sent through your body. when these hormones are sent out, your body reacts to it by an enlarging penis, an urge to be around girls, especially girls your age, you get boners out of nowhere, and a deeper voice.

How hold do you be to go through puberty?

boys puberty is usually starting around the ages of 10-15 and girls from 8-14

Do you have to have chickenpox to go through puberty?

No, you will go through puberty whether or not you had chickenpox.