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How do girls urine?

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What does girls urine look like?

The same as anyone Else's urine

When the girls urine what is that part called?

The Urethra is the part of the body on males/females where urine is passed.

Where is urine eliminated in the human body?

Urine is eliminated from the body by your vulva for the girls and your penis for the boys.

What makes boys urine smell so bad?

What makes you think that girls urine smells any better

How do girls go pee?

By passing urine through the proper channels.

In which thing girls pass urine?

A girl passes urine through her urethra. This is the part of her body located near her vagina or genitals.

Could a girl use another girls urine for a drug test?

yes, but home drug test another girl urine.

Girls drink urine all the time?

Yeah, bro. All the time.

Who is affected by maple syrup urine disease?

Both boys and girls get it, and baby

Can you use a pregnant girls pee for your probation urine test?

No, you cannot use a pregnant girl's urine for YOUR probation urine test. If you do, it will be the wrong DNA, the doctors will be confused and if you have a problem, the doctors won't be able to identify it with an incorrect urine sample! You could be endangering yourself!

Does boy pee and girl pee look the same?

You are referring to urine.... Yes urine is urine, unless a laboratory is looking for hormone levels or little remnants of semen under a very high powered microscope, there is no difference in the way urine looks between girls or boys. When we drink lots of water urine has almost no color, if we are on the dehydrated side, by not drinking enough clear liquids, then urine will be a dark yellow. Some food you eat will cause your urine to be darker or lighter and even smell different, these changes happen to all of us. It is the same for boys as it is for girls.

Do Girls Pee Out Of Their Vagina?

No. While close in proximity to the vagina, the urethral opening is where urine passes.

What is the penis used for?

The penis is for releasing urine and sperm. Sperm is what gets girls pregnant so if the world was full of girls and no boys the world would die out

How does a girl release urine?

Like any one through something gross ( you no what I mean to all girls)

Can you use a girls urine to pass a pee test even if your a boy?

If you cannot pass the test with your own urine, then you are taking your chances anyway. Probably some unusual proteins will show up.

Where does the pee come out of girls?

For females, urine exits out the urethra, located above the vagina. For males, it exits out their penis.

Do girls have separate holes to pass urine and to give birth?

Yes the urinary tract is separate from the birth canal.

Describe how the urine forms and pathway of urine into the bladder and out the urethra?

the urine goes into the bladder through the ureters. there, it is stored until you are ready to pee. when you are ready to pee, you relax a series of muscels in your bladder. the urine then flows into the uretha. then you relax the muscel at the end of you urethra and the urine exits you body. girls usually sit down to pee, but they can stand up. guys can do it either way also.

What drinks go right through a girls bladder?

If the girl is not dehydrated then most drinks will turn into urine in the girl's kidneys and flow into her bladder. Drinks with diuretic properties like coke, tea or coffee are most effective. Girls can normally produce more urine than boys if they both drink the same.

Does lab corp drug test test if urine is male or female?

NO, lab facilites are not allowed to test for anything accept drugs they are bounded by is illegal....However, if your a guy planning on using a girls urine make sure she is NOT pregnant because that will show up... as pregnant urine has much more stuff in it than regular urine...then you will have to convince them that you had a sex change

What is the girls pee area called?

vagina Answer: A vagina is not used for pee. That's where babies come out. It's a urethra (starts the same as urine...)

How many kinds of urine are there?

Urine is one of a kind-- there are no separate "kinds" of urine. However, the color of urine may be different depending on a number of factors. Normally, urine is the color of straw, e.g. a very light yellow. In the morning, it can be darker because it is more concentrated. As you drink fluids throughout the day, urine gets lighter again.Urine should also be clear. Cloudy urine or blood in the urine often means a urinary tract infection (UTI). Blood can also be from menstruation for girls and women.Urine normally has a slight odor. Urine that smells really awful often means an infection.Urine that has a sheen of an oily substance often means the person's diet is high in fats and that possibly, their gallbladder is not breaking down fats in foods.So basically, you should be able to see through your urine. If you imagine a piece of newspaper in the toilet (---do NOT do this because it will clog the pipes!---), you should be able to read typed letters through your light colored urine.

Can girls climax in pee at the same time?

Yes, a lot of times women think they are having a vaginal orgasm which discharges a strong stream of liquid. Usually the liquid is urine. If a female is holding in her urine and climax during sex. She will mostly likely release her urine during climax, due to her not being able to control her orgasm.

Difference between hypotonic and hypertonic urine?

Anything that is not urine is solute (particles) urine itself is solvent. Hyper tonic urine is a urine with high amount of particles and hypo tonic urine urine with low amount of particles.

Can a guy use a girls urine for a drug test?

I'm not a doctor, but if you're considering doing what I think you want to do--substituting your own urine for someone Else's to pass a drug test, or vice versa Don't do it. To answer your question--if there is any significant difference between the urine of a man or a woman...I'm not sure, but I would guess there is no significant difference between the urine of a man or a woman, save for if the woman is pregnant. As you may have considered--pregnancy tests can be conducted using urine. So if the woman is'll have issues. It'd be best to use the urine of a guy, just to be safe.