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Q: How do his paintings compare with Cezanne?
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What kind of paintings are from Paul Cezanne?

There are many paintings that are from Paul Cezanne. Paul Cezanne created paintings that used repetitive and exploratory brushstrokes that are highly recognizable.

What was Paul Cezanne famous for?


Where did Paul Cezanne make his paintings?

Paul Cezanne made his paintings in gummy bear world, I am only joking he made his paintings in the summer in France!

How did paul cezanne sign his paintings?

He did not sign them.

Why did Cezanne use apples in his paintings?

He liked their looks.

What is the name of one of Paul Cezanne's paintings?

The Bathers

Are any of the Cezanne paintings in the Orangerie originally from the Louvre museum?

No, they are not.

Did Cezanne sell a painting?

Yes, he sold most of his paintings.

What were Cezanne's paintings mainly of?

Landscapes, still lifes and portraits.

What kinds of art did Cezanne make?

Oil paintings and watercolors.

What are the names of Paul Cezanne's paintings?

Click link below to find some of his most famous paintings!

What was pual cezanne style of art?

AnswerPaul Cezanne like doing still paintings all the time for some reasons :)

Why did paul cezanne like to draw fruit in his paintings?

he liked fruit.

Where are Paul Cezanne's paintings now?

They are in museums all over the world.

What did Paul Cezanne use to make his paintings?

Oil paint on canvas.

Did Cezanne hide the letter C on his unsigned paintings?

No experts have claimed this.

Why did Paul Cezanne put skulls in his paintings?

To remind you that life is short.

How much did paul cezanne paintings sell for?

A couple of big ones!

What sort of art does Paul Cezanne produce?

His paintings are considered to be Post-Impressionist.

How do the paintings compare in terms of their subject matter?

how do the paintings compare in terms of their subject matter

How many pictures has paul cezanne painted?

Between 800 and 900 paintings are known.

Who was Cezanne?

He was a French artist whose work on paintings. Source: Click link below!

Is 'The Bath' one of Paul Cezanne's art?

No, but he made several paintings called Bathers.

What kinds of paintings did Paul Cezanne paint?

He painted landscapes, portraits and still life.

Famous people in France?

William-Adolphe Bouguereau and Paul Cezanne ( for their paintings made in France)