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Horses communicate by snickers. Also body movement.

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How does a horse communicate with humans?

A horse uses body language to communicate period. The horse may use its voice to communicate but it mostly uses body language.

How Does A Horse use Sound To Communicate?

Nickers and Winnies.

How can a horse communicate with a human?

with its ears or other signs

How does a horse communicate?

Horses communicate with other horses with neighs,their ears,and body. Mostly their body though

Why do horses Winnie?

A horses Winnie is like a person talking. That's how they communicate. There is no other way a horse can communicate but by winnieing. It you pay attention to a horse when another horse winnies, there ears go back showing that they are listening.

What does it mean if a horse whinnies?

It is mainly to communicate with other horses.

What part of body do horse use to communicate?

Mostly it is their ears.

What is the behavior of horse?

Horses communicate through Body landuage and sounds.

How do horses communticate with people?

Horses communicate with people the same way that they would communicate with other horses. To a horse that is used to people, those people are simply other horses that stand on two legs and look a lot different from a real horse. It doesn't know any different nor can know the difference. A horse can only communicate the way it knows how.

What part of the body do horse use to communicate?

ears, mouth, tail, legs..all parts, really

When does horse normally neigh?

Mostly when the horse sees the owner going to the barn to feed them. Another time when a horse usually neighs is when they are comunicating. For example: When a horse is left behind while any of the horses that he/she shares a pen/stall with leave for a ride. The horse left behind will try to communicate.

What is the Meaning of whisperer?

someone who can commuicate with a animal/being/force that nobody else can easily. Like a dog whisperer can communicate with dogs easily, and a horse whisperer with a horse ect.

What is the meaning of The Whispers?

someone who can commuicate with a animal/being/force that nobody else can easily. Like a dog whisperer can communicate with dogs easily, and a horse whisperer with a horse ect.

Has horse riding always been dangerous?

Of course it has. It is a sport that doesn't require two people who can communicate verbally and who are predictable, it involves a human and an animal where you cannot communicate verbally or predict what they are going to do.

Who does the work when riding a horse the horse or the rider?

The Horse should work harder than the rider, if the horse is working correctly, this will be the case. The rider does a lot of work to keep the horse going/moving where he should. The rider uses their arms, legs, seat, hands, and weight balance to communicate to the horse. The horse works also since he is the one moving his body in the pace and direction that the rider asks for. Horse and rider are a team.

Where does Jesus make a horse talk?

Horses don't ever really talk like a human, but they communicate with each other by neighing!

How do horses and ponies communicate with each other?

I have owned horses for many years, and I do believe they communicate with each other. We have one particular AQHA show horse who is very bound to a small pinto shetland pony. Our show horse had been gone several months to a trainer's barn and had not seen his best friend. Someone at a horse show had brought a small pinto horse of the same color and markings with them to ride around. Our horse saw the small pinto and it was very obvious he thought it was his long lost friend from home and begin whinnying loudly, calling out to the small horse he thought was his buddy from home. He was ready to bolt across the warm up pen to get to what he thought was his friend, "screaming" loudly the whole way. He was disappointed to find that was NOT his friend when we got over to him, but he was most definitely attempting to communicate.

How did Native Americans of the desert southwest communicate with each other?

Indians rode horse back across the dessert !!!!!!!!! And used sign language.

Are you a horse whisper if your able to go up on a wild horse?

I don't believe there is such thing as a horse whisper. I think people have a special connection with horses. If you mean WILD horse like in a herd in the wild then perhaps you were able to approach him/her because he was curious about you. It is not normal for a wild horse to allow humans close to them without running away. If you were around the horse for a while (visiting each day) he would be used to you and may allow you to approach him. It also could mean he has been around humans before. considering the circumstances, you will need to decide for yourself. Good luck with the wild horse! Horse whisperers are really just people that understand horse's body language and know how to imitate it so that the horse understands him. So, basically, "horse whisperers" just understand the horses language and can communicate to them. So, if you are able to use body language and get a completely wild horse to come up to you, yes, you would be a "horse whisperer". If you can communicate to any horse what you want using your body language, then you could be considered a horse whisperer.

How do horses communicate with one another?

Mostly body language! like for example... If a horse gets scared or angry they pin there ears to there head, and lift there head high! A calm horse lets his/her head down low and relaxed.

Can a horse learn to mimic human speech?

No. It hasn't got the brains nor the vocal chords for it. Answer: Jonathon Swift had talking horses in "Gulliver's Travels" when he visits the land of the Houyhnhnns. In that case he had to learn to speak like a horse to communicate.

Why do horses nigh?

Well... it is just like asking yourself 'why do i talk?'. it's like hore english, and it is how they communicate to on another. It's horse language.

Should i Lead a horse by walking in front or beside?

It is rarely a good idea to lead a horse by walking in front of him (sometimes it is necessary if you are walking through a very narrow passageway). Ideally, you should walk by his left (near side) shoulder. That is a much safer position to be in, and it allows you to communicate better with your horse.

What is a long thin piece of leather used to steer a horse?

Those long thin pieces of leather are called reins. Reins enable you to communicate with the horse via pressure on the inter-dental space in the horses mouth where the bit rests.

What kind of sound does a zebra make?

Zebras communicate by making sounds and facial expressions also they make braying and barking noises. i no i no not typical horse noise but hey that's how the communicate also they make soft snorting noises! i hope this helps you with your research on zebras.

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