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Horses care for their offspring like any other mammal. They love and nurture it until it can walk and even then they have a connection with that horse. Baby horses also suckle from their mother as a baby human would with a mom.

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How long do horses care for their offspring?

Horses care for their offspring for six months to a yer.

Mules are the offspring from female horses and male?

They are the offspring of female horses and male donkeys.

Do indigo snake take care of their offspring?

No. Snakes do not care for their offspring.

What is a horses off spring?

A horses offspring is called a calf

Do frogs or cats care for their offspring the most?

Cats care for their offspring far more than frogs do. Frogs do not care for their offspring at all. Cats, being mammals, feed their offspring milk, and take care of them while they are kittens.

Are horses and mules related?

Yes, mules are the offspring of horses and donkeys

Are mules the offspring of donkeys and horses?


Cam you give me a sentence about offspring?

The offspring of those two horses will be a great racer. An animal's offspring will inherit its traits.

Are mules and hinnies are the offspring of donkeys and horses?

Yes they are

Horses adaptations how do i do that PLO?

the horses you can care them.

What is the care of a horses teeth called?

Having your horses teeth taken care of is called having the horses teeth floated.

Who took care of the horses shoes?

blacksmiths or farriers take care of the horses shoes

How does a horse produce offspring?

How many offsprings do horses produce?

When a horse has intercourse with a different kind of a horse will there be an offspring?

as long as they get together and as long as they are both horses, yes, there will be offspring.

Why animals do not take care of their youngs?

Taking care of offspring is a time and energy consuming undertaking. If an animal produces many offspring there is little need to care for them all.

Who takes care of the crabeater seal's offspring?

The mother looks after and provides milk for her offspring.

How does a scorpion mother care for her offspring?

Sometimes a scorpion mother if Hungary can eat her offspring.

How many offspring do horses usually have?


How long after birth do parents care for offspring?

Humans take care of their offspring generally till they are 18. But in some cultures it's as soon as they can marry them off, or they never stop fully taking care of the offspring till the parent themselves die.

How do horses make offspring?

Same way every other creature does.

Why are horses and donkeys considered different species even though they can produce offspring?

Horses and donkeys can reproduce offspring because there they are so closely related they are scientifically classified in the same kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, and genus. Their offspring will often be infertile though.

How do snails take care of their offspring?

They don't.

Are horses difficult to care for?


Can a horse and zebra mate and produce offspring?

Yes. But the hybrid offspring is sterile, owing to the different number of chromosomes in horses and zebras

How manydifferant horses does zara Phillips do equestrian with?

she takes care of horses

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