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Horses place the edge of their lips to the surface of water, suck it into their mouth and gulp it down.

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How do horses eat and drink?

horses eat hay and drink water

Can horses drink pop?

no because horses don't have the ability to drink pop

How do horses drink water?

Horses drink water by putting there mouth in the water a sip it.

What do Appaloosa horses drink?

Appaloosa's like all other horses drink water.

Where do horses drink?

Horse in the wild will drink from puddles, creeks, rivers and lakes. Domesticated horses will drink from buckets, troughs, or ponds.

Do horses drink with their tongue?

No, when they drink they purse their lips.

What does horses drink?

That Is EASY!!! All They Drink Is Water! =)

How long do baby horses drink their mother's milk?

The baby horses drink milk for four to six months.

How do horses drink their water?

Horses drink in a sort of slurping motion by dipping their mouths into the water and sucking it up.

Do you Feed horses milk?

Only baby horses or foals drink milk and it is best for them to drink only their mothers milk.

What is horses' favorite drink?

A horses' favorite drink is water. Horses can drink other things, but that doesn't mean it's good for them. Also, baby horses enjoy drinking milk from their mother, which helps them gain energy, health, and raises their morale. I suck eggs!!

What do horses drink?

Water, H2O

What do baby horses drink?


What do Arabian horses drink?


What do horses have to drink?

milk and water

What do horses drink from the barn?


What do Mustang horses drink?


How do zebras drink water?

Zebras drink water like horses do.

What beverages do horses drink?

Horses drink water, although some horses won't drink water when they are traveling because it tastes different than they are used to so people put Kool Aid of Gatoraid in the water to make it taste good.

Do horses drink milk?

Yes, they drink their mother's milk, but only as foals.

Can horses drink prune juice?

They could drink it, but it's not very good for them.

Why do horses drink water?

Because they are thirsty.

What is the name of water horses drink of?

a troph

What do cows and horses drink?

water; of course

What animals drink from the river nile?