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Q: How do humans eat?
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Can Squirrels eat Humans?

No, they cannot. They can bite humans, but they can't eat humans.

Do cows eat humans?

No, cows do not eat humans.

Does humans eat wolves?

humans do eat wolfs

Do humans eat penguin?

No humans do not eat penguins.

Did Tasmanian tigers eat humans?

no they did not eat humans. they eat other animals

Can humans eat birds?

yes humans can eat birds

Do crocodile eat humans?

If there is food scarcity they will eat humans.

Do ghost bats eat humans?

There is no bat that will eat humans.

Will sheep eat humans?

No sheep are herbivores, they will not eat humans.

Do crows eat humans?

yes crows do eat humans

Do donkeys eat humans?

Donkeys are herbivores. They do not eat humans.

What can eat humans?


What kind of animals can humans eat?

Humans can eat any animal that they can catch. Some animals may be better to eat, and humans might not be able to eat parts of an animal, but humans can eat any animal.

Why do mermaid eat humans?

Mermaids don't eat humans; they can't. Humans are real, mermaids are not.

What did these people eat?

Their own kind,(Humans eat Humans = Cannibalism)

Do sea anemones eat humans?

No, sea anemones do not eat humans.

What will eat a cow that humans can eat?

Humans can eat cougar and bear, primarily, which are predators that will eat cattle if they have a mind to.

Do locust eat humans?

locusts eat plants only. so no they dont eat humans.

Can humans eat a snapping turtle?

well humans can technically eat anything so i guess humans can eat them and not be harmed as long as there disinfected.

Do lycans eat humans?

Lycans are not real, so they don't eat humans.

My friends think that dolphins eat humans is this true?

No. Dolphins do not eat humans.

Can humans eat ferrets?

No, humans do not eat ferrets, as would be illegal as well

Do rabbits eat humans?

No, they do not eat humans , but rabbits have been known to bite!!!

Can cheetah eat what humans eat?

it can't eat humans is can oly eat stuf like gazzels but hey are hoffed mamals

Do pandas eat humans?

the answer is no. they barely eat meat! so why would they eat a human? they might attack humans but definitely not eat.