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by recycling....

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Why are humans enemies of the toucan?

Because you are making humans the enemy of toucans, it's all psychological. Get help from a counciller.

Are toucans considered dangerous to humans?

no I am pretty sure that they are not dangerous to humans

How do humans affect toucans prey?

By eating them.

Who is the toco toucans predator?

The toucans predator are humans, big cats, and its biggest predator is the Jaguar Hope that helps!

How do toucans help us?

They Don't

How are people saving toucans?

they help them

Why are the toucans in danger?

Because of DEFORESTATION!Help the toucans by buying furnature from forest regeneration areas. Ask the seller for that. Say yes if they do.I CAN! YOU CAN! TOUCAN!Please help the toucans!// Thankyou!/Steps to recovery

What are the predators of toucans?

yes toucans have predators such as hawks and other big birds, humans,big cats, and worst of all are jaguars

What is the function of toucans in the rainforest?

The toucans function in the rain forest is being a beatiful bird it also eats the bugs that humans do nto like

How many predators do toucans have?

humans, bigger birds, and wild cats

Why do toucans have coloured beaks?

Toucans have colored beaks for the same reason humans wear cosmetics, jewelery and flashy attire: TO ATTRACT THE OPPOSITE SEX!

What are humans doing to prevent toucans becoming extinct?

nothing, absolotely nothing

Why are toucans important to the rainforest?

To help other animals

When were toucans first discovered?

We don't know. But humans are said to have reached South America more than 20,000 years ago. It will have been shortly after that they discovered toucans.

Do Toucans recognise their families and how?

Yes they can. It has been discovered that toucans can recognise their parents and other family members by their call from miles away. To us humans the calls sound the same, but a toucan can tell the difference. Just like humans can with voices.

What do special skill do toucans have?

it's bill can help it get food.

What can people do to help Toucans?

stop polluting, don't keep as pets.

How do the toucans color help?

to blend in to the rainforest to stay away from predators

Who are toucans predators?

Toucan predators includes humans, wild cats, large birds, snakes and weasels. Toucans are medium sized birds that live in the rain forests in the Caribbean and South America.

What do toucans do to baby toucans?

they keep the baby toucans warm

What are a Toucans learned behaviors?

gas help it

How do toco toucans survive?

How do the Toco Toucans survive?How do the Toco Toucans survive?

Who are the enemies of a keel-billed toucan?

The keel billed toucans enemies are humans, weasels, and Large birds.

What are some of toco toucans predators?

Some of the Toco toucan's predators are the jaguar, other large cats, and humans.

Do Toucans Migrate?

Toucans do not migrate.

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