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How do hurricanes bring damage to earth?


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hurricanes destroy homes.hurricanes can start flooding.can kill humans

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No. Some hurricanes stay at sea and do not result in any damage.

Hurricanes cause a lot of damage when the hit land. Each year many hurricanes cause damage to buildings.

Powerful hurricane winds combined with soil loosened by rainwater can bring down millions of trees. The large waves can severely erode beaches and barrier islands. Slopes weakened by rain can fail, causing landslides. The heavy rain from hurricanes can lead to major flooding.

Yes. Hurricanes often cause flooding.

Hurricanes generally cause more damage. Tornadoes usually cause more severe damage, but it is localized, while in hurricanes, damage is widespread.

They hunt hurricanes to bring you live footage

hurricanes cause more damage they can also cause earthquakes and tsunamis

Hurricanes bring strong winds and heavy rains, which can cause flooding. Hurricanes can bring thunderstorms which may become severe and sometimes produce tornadoes.

Hurricanes and tornadoes can both cause damage through a combination of powerful winds and debris carried by those winds. Hurricanes also cause massive damage through flooding.

Hurricanes cause the most damage right at landfall when rain, winds, and storm surge have the greatest damage potential. After landfall the hurricane quickly weakens.

The wind damage from hurricanes and tornadoes is similar, however hurricanes also cause significant damage from flooding. This can cause water damage from prolonged immersion and tends to damage the bottom portion of a building first, while a tornado usually does its worst damage to the top portion. The wind damage from tornadoes can also be more severe than that found in hurricanes.

Crops destroyed Structure damage Flooding

Hurricanes can damage cars and other property of people. But worst of all they have a massive effect of peoples lives. They can wreck peoples homes so they live on the street, they can kill close relations to them and damage their cars. Basically hurricanes can damage a whole town and ruin people lives!

Hurricanes are rated to give an estimate of damage potential.

Hurricanes cause such huge amounts of damage for several reasons. First, they have several ways of inflicting damage. Hurricanes produce very strong winds. Even the winds of a minimal hurricane can bring down trees and power lines, damage houses, and destroy some weak structures. Second, the winds of a hurricane drive seawater and waves onto land, causing coastal flooding. Third, hurricanes produce huge amounts of rain that can cause severe flooding away from the shoreline. Fourth, hurricanes can produce severe thunderstorms and even tornadoes. Hurricanes are also large storms, often spanning a few hundred miles across, so even if damage is not very severe at any particular place, the minor to moderate damage is so widespread that it adds up to quite a bit of damage overall.

Hurricanes can damage most anything on the land when they make landfall. These can include:roadsbeachesbridgesbuildingspower distribution systemsvehiclesThey can also damage vessels in harbor or at sea when they pass over.The damage comes from the energetic wave action, and from the strong winds and rain associated with hurricanes.

Hurricanes are much larger than tornadoes and so can cause damage to a much larger area, even if that damage is less severe. Additionally, tornadoes cause damage purely through wind and wind-driven debris while hurricanes often cause major flooding in addition to wind damage.

Both tornadoes and hurricanes can cause severe wind damage. These include uprooted and snapped trees, destroyed trailers, and roofs removed from houses. Aside from this damage is very different as the damage from tornadoes is often more severe on a localized than that of hurricanes. Most hurricane damage is the result of flooding rather than wind.

Hurricanes can cause serious damage to the world around it. What comes with hurricanes are heavy rainfall. Hurricanes can be the cause of death and destruction.

Hurricane can be pretty big and do a lot of damage. The wind speed and massive amounts of water that hurricanes carry cause them to do so much damage.

Hurricanes cause a lot of damage, many houses can be knocked down in a flash and many people are usually left homeless after they have passed - hurricanes can pick up to speeds of over 170MPH!

In terms of overall damage, no. Hurricanes cause more damage because they affect much large area. There have been more hurricanes than tornadoes with costs over $1 billion. Several hurricanes have had damage costs in the tens of billions of dollars, while no tornado on record has cost more than $3 billion. However, the damage from tornadoes is usually more severe than hurricane damage, but much more localized.

Yes. People in the south spend TONS of cash on Damage!

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