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you can just stick your hands in there and squeeze it.

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How do you feel if your growing breasts?

not much different from normal except your breasts will be tender

How do you touch your breasts?

Just feel them

How do you feel your breasts?

Just touch them

How do your know if your having breast tenderness?

If when you touch your breasts and they feel sore, that is when you have "Tenderness of the breasts".

How do you make your breasts feel good?

Massaging your breasts with lotion feels really good

Do guys like to feel breasts?


Do girls like guys to feel their breasts?

Generally, yes girls like for guys to feel their breasts because it feels good and stimulates them sexually. Most girls just don't like for guys to feel their breasts randomly without having a relationship with them.

Can you be pregnant if you have blue visible veins on your breasts and your breasts feel heavier?

Possibly - take a test

How can you tell if your breasts are growing?

If your breasts are growing, you might feel some or all of the following: - your breasts are visibly larger - your breasts are itchy - there are stretch marks along the bottom or top - your breasts are sore or sensitive to touch

How do you know when your breasts are growing?

If you touch your nipples and they feel tender and your breasts are itchy then they are still getting bigger

What does it feel like to have your breasts sucked?

painfull but kinda good get te boy to suck your breasts next

How do you know if your breasts are tender?

if you feel them and they are sensitive to the touch

If you feel tenderness in your breasts is it a sign of pregnancy?

Aye. It is.

Should one's breasts be heavy and feel big at three months pregnant?

It's possible your breasts to feel big and heavy, but not all womens breats get that way.

Why do breasts feel tender before menstrating?

Breasts can feel tender or swell before menstruation due to the effect of hormones on the ducts of the breasts. Don't ignore the problem, regulating your hormones can help prevent symptoms such as breast tenderness.

How to determine if your breasts are to big?

You will know yourself if your breasts are too big. You may suffer problems such as breast and neck pain or even headaches and chest pains if your breasts are putting a strain on your body. You also decide for yourself if you feel comfortable with the size of your breasts or feel they're too big.

Does it feel good to massage your breasts?

It depends on the types of boobs you have

What could be making your chest feel heavy?

Large breasts.

What does feel you up mean?

It means grab your breasts and all that.

Can you be pregnant without sore breasts?

I am now 5 weeks pregnant and I still didn't feel any soreness in my breasts.

Is it a sign of pregnancy if your breasts give off this weird taste?

Not realy one way to tell is if your breasts feel tender

Should your breasts feel and look the same?

Usually women breasts shape is not the same. One of them is bigger than other.

How come sometimes your breasts feel firmer than other times?

Sometimes when you are on your period your breasts firm up or feel sore. It is natural for the body because that usually means they are growing

Why do you feel your breast?

Breasts are one of the most sensitive parts of a woman. I do feel my breasts. When water is poured massaging is done. I am not married and I don't have a boyfriend. I am waiting to get married so then my husband will touch, kiss, lick, and do all sorts of things with my big breasts.

How come boys love feeling breasts?

Boys love feeling breasts, because they want to feel a girl's body, and the breasts are something that males don't have. They want what they don't have.