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How do i figure out the amount of water that's in my pool?

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August 18, 2008 7:03PM

If you're lucky, then your pool is rectangular and equally deep everywhere. In that case, take a long ruler and measure the length and the width. Stick the ruler in the water until it touches the bottom, and use that to measure the depth. Multiply the three numbers together and you'll get the volume. Unfortunately, you'll get the number in cubic feet or cubic meters, and you probably want it in liters or gallons. How to convert: Cubic meters to liters: multiply by 1000. Cubic meters to gallons: multiply by 264. Cubic feet to liters: multiply by 28. Cubic feet to gallons: multiply by 7.5. If you're not so lucky, your pool is deeper in some places than in others. Hopefully, the bottom is at least flat: if it is, then measure the depth at two opposite corners and average - do everything else as in the other case.