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U can't, u should buy the expansion pack, Kingdoms

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When the medieval total war is released?

medieval total war was launched in 2002 and the viking pack was launched in 2003, the medieval 2 total war game was launched in 2006

How do you get to the Americas in Medieval 2 Total War?

Get total war medieval 2 gold edition. Its on amazon for 10 bucks

Which is better medieval total war 2 or shogun total war?

total war shogun 2

Is medieval total war 3d?

no the first 3d total war is empire

Downloadable medieval fighting games?

Medieval: Total War. Google it!

How do you get to new world in medieval total war 2?

you have to wait to about the late 1400's so you can build proper ships that can withstand the Atlantic, it should come up on a message

What year in the does medieval 2 total war start?

Medieval 2 Total War starts in 1033 just after Duke William claims the English Throne.

What are the ratings and certificates for Medieval Total War - 2002 VG?

Medieval Total War - 2002 VG is rated/received certificates of: USA:PG-13

Is medieval 2 total war fun?

Yes it is.

Can you buy medieval 2 total war for the mac?


How do you get a first person view in medieval total war?

you cant but in empire total war you just press insert

What are traits to make a good leader?

Play Medieval total war 2 or any total war games

What is thrid age total war?

third age total war is a mod of medieval total war involving factions and units from the lord of the rings trilogy

Medieval 2 total war timeline?


How do you kill the pope on medieval 2 total war?

Assassanate him

In medieval total war can destroyed factions come back?


How do you use cheats on Medieval total war?

You use the ~ (tilde) key

What is the Rating for medieval 2 total war?

4 out of 5 on gamespy...

How many hidden towns in medieval total war 2?


Can you install medieval total war without steam?

yes, steam was only introduced to the total war series when empire tw was brought out

What turn is the mongol invasion in Medieval 2 Total War?


How do you make a first person view in medieval total war?

you press instert

How do you create your own units in Medieval Total War 2?

Not GameMaker Related

How do you set up Medieval II Total War lan battles?


How do mercenaries work on Medieval Total War?

you hire to fill in when you are down on soldiers