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I'm not entirely sure... but in movies, theres popcorn in the middle of the 2 people, and while one'sreaching for popcorn, the other one happens to reach too and their hands touch...

But theres another way. If it's a scary movie or a scary part, act all scared and grab their hand.

I've never done any if these, but they're the only two ways I've ever heard or anything :p

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that depends on how big the theater is

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The price to view a movie in a theater depends on the theater and the features it comes with. The prices vary can vary from $4 to $18 per ticket. If you watch at a normal theater, you will typically pay $10(where I am from). If you watch at an IMAX theater or a jumbo screen theater, you can pay up to $15 or $18 depending on the movie. In short, the price you pay to view a movie in a movie theater depends on the theater, the company, the time, the movie, and the features that come with it.

Is it illegal to hold hands with a minor in ILLINOIS?

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depends on what movie theater at hoyts aus its $15

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You could get a job working for your local movie theater.

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