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How do i know a guy likes me?


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January 07, 2011 1:00AM

well plain and simple if he stares at u 4 the longest time .

if he texts u a lot !

if he talks to u when u r with ur bf. or best friend.

if he has tried to ask u out b4.

and if u have ask hem out and he says no then he doesn't want to mess up ur friendship or he is shy or scared 4 what might happen!

sure that could be some reasons but those sort of reasons would be when ur even allowed to date if ur still a bit young then some reasons could be...

he chooses you over his friends

he smiles at you

he says things to you that wouldn't be normal for other guys to say

he compliments u even if you havn't tried to look good

he talks to you like he's known u 4eva

those reasons could also be some clues

when u r mad he is always there for u and help u


asks for so many hugs a day