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go to gp or have a test

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Q: How do i know if im pregnant if i haven't started my menstruation?
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Can you get pregnant after your menstruation?

Well yes you can if you are pregnant and you had your menstruction you could haha jk don't know

What are the chances of getting pregnant in these circumstances Your on birth control but havent started your new pack yet and you had sex and the condom fell off inside of you but you dont know when?


How do you know if a women is pregnant?

The lack of menstruation is one of the main things that let you know that she might be pregnant... some of them can suffer sudden mood change, gain weight...

Who started the rumor about Miley being pregnant?

Well, she isn't pregnant, but I don't know who started the rumor.

How do you know if your mum is pregnant?

When there is no menstruation,pregnancy test comes out positive,baby in the ultrasound and heartbeat of the baby.

Can you get pregnant if you haven't ever had your period?

No, you cannot get pregnant if you have not yet reached puberty or began menstruation. Once your menstruation cycle has begun, however, you can get pregnant any time in which you are ovulating. If you have not yet had your period and you consider sex you need to use protection because you will not know when you ovulate which is what you do before you bleed.

How do you know if you are pregnant if you havent seen a doctor or taken a test?

Not getting a period would be a clue, but that can happen for other reasons as well.

If you were 14 and you have not started your period should you be worry?

nope, i have but i know theres people in my year who havent, im nearly 14

Physical properties magnesium ribbon?

Science Sucks!!!!!!!! i know and im Liz i have to do a project due 2morrow and i havent even started

Should you check if im pregnant your last menstruation is oct 2 and noe is nov26?

I would think you would want to know so why not if you missed your period?

How many weeks before you know your pregnant?

At least 3 but usually 4 at the earliest for most women. The first week of pregnancy is actually considered to be the week of your menstruation.

What percent of getting pregnant during menstruation?

Beacause a period messes with every hormone you have. So in a way they become confused and dont know how to function in a controlled way.

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