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How do i know when my boyfriend doesn't like me anymore?


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November 22, 2013 3:58AM

Trust me, you will know quickly. If he starts looking at other girls, it usually means he's losing interest in you. Now don't go spending hundreds of bucks on some faulty boob jobs and useless beauty supplies but try arousing him a bit more. If he doesn't hang out with you any more, then that is also a sign.
well first of all if he is your boyfriend why wouldn't he like you? why would he hve become your boyfriend if he didnt like you? if he is being distant with you or snappy when you try to speak to him maybe he has something on his mind? jsut assure him that if he needs somebody to speak to then you will be there for him. although if he is being mean to you and giving you reason to think he doesnt like you then he sounds like an idiot to me and my advice would be to dump him without a second thaught and find somebody who treats you like a princess/ or prince (depending on wheather the peroson who wrote this question is male or female) because that is what you deserve. :)