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How do i make my boyfriend want me more?

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first of all, if he doesnt want you just because you are there, he may not be worthy. got it? :) ok, have you done sexy things together? that works for me

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How do you make your boyfriend want you more?

Be yourself. If he doesn't want you more after that, you don't need him.

Will you have boyfriend?

I already have a boyfriend. I have & want more

What does a girl do when boyfriend want to make out?

you kiss him if you want to

My boyfriend and I?

your question does not make any sense. your boyfriend and you.....what? what do you want to know?

Do you have to make a boyfriend on Sims 3?

You do not need to make a boyfriend if you want. You can interact with a CPU sim and you can get a boyfriend if you have a good relationship with that CPU.

You want your boyfriend to make you feel more secure?

theres nothing YOU can do about it he has to make you feel tht way by hiself -pretty in punk

He has a girlfriend but how do you make him like you?

You can't make anyone do what they don't want to do. You'll probably be more successful finding another boyfriend.

How do you get a boyfriend to want you more?

Keep him at a distance

How do you make your boyfriend want you forever?

that's weird..

How do you get your ex boyfriend to want you again?

make him jealous

How do you get back with you ex boyfriend?

Seduce him but dont give in. once he starts wanting you, back off. Make him want it more.

How do you make a girl want to sleep with you?

Kiss her and say that u want to be her boyfriend.

How do you get you boyfriend to do more?

get a gun to there head and command them to do what you want

What do you ask your boyfriend if you want to know more about him?

tell me about you

How do you let my boyfriend know its ok to touch me?

If you want your boyfriend to touch you more you need to give him a signal and touch him more ;-)

How do you tell your boyfriend that you want to kiss?

Just do it. Make sure he's actually your boyfriend though

What happens when your boyfriend dump you?

Well move on get a new boyfriend make him jealous if you want him back !!

What Is A Good Bet I Can Make With My Boyfriend?

well, i wouldn't really want you making a bet with myboyfriend..

What do you do to make your boyfriend blush?

Give him a kiss on the cheek... It's make him want more but it'll let him know that your classy and not ready for that kind of stuff yet...

How can you get your boyfriend horny over the phone?

Tell them what you want to do to them or what you want them to do to you. Make moaning noises.

What to do when your boyfriend doesn't want more children?

If he doesn't want more children, and you do, its simple. Move on. Don't marry him.

How do you make boyfriend only want you?

you cant. you can only be yourself and if your boyfriend still wants someone else then he is not the "right one" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- make out with him alot ;)

Why should you make your boyfriend a sandwich?

Reasons you should make your boyfriend a sandwich:because he asked you to.because you want to show him how sweet he is.because you want to show him how sweet you are.because you want him to think you are nice.because you want him to know he's important to you.

Why does your boyfriend want to make out?

Boys are in need of physical bonding at a very early age. Thus they want to make out with girlfriends.

How do you get your boyfriend to want you?

you cant make him want you. just be your self and if he doesnt like you then he is a waste of time