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If you are using a computer or laptop you need to press the escape button on your keyboard to make the YouTube page smaller. If you are on a cell phone, simply swipe the upper left corner down towards the bottom right to make it smaller.

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Q: How do i make my youtube page smaller?
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How can you make your front page smaller?

To make the front page smaller, simply control+wheel which will lower the text and shrink the page.

How do you create a YouTube page?

After you make your account you will automatically have your page.

How do you make the font on your Google page smaller?

There are shortcut keys for making Google page smaller. Control and + make the font bigger and Control and - make it smaller.

How do you make pores smaller?

Follow the instructions on Youtube.

How do you make your laptop page smaller?

Holding down the control button (Ctrl) while tapping the minus button(-) to make the page smaller or the plus button(+) to make the page bigger.

How do you make the page smaller on word?

insert, zoom.

How do you make a channel banner for your YouTube account?

You must be a YouTube Partner. Link to the Page in the Related Links.

How do you make the YouTube page bigger?

The YouTube page will get as big as it can get when it reaches the maximum window size for your computer or device. Although, you can zoom in on a specific page by using your browser tools and "zooming in".

How do you get your YouTube page to get very popular?

The way to get your youtube page more popular is to make videos and tell friends to look at them and have them make youtube accounts and get them to tell people with youtube accounts to check the video out and then check out your profile and everything! Trust me I have one that's not that popular but my friend does and that's what she does to get it more popular!

How do you make your laptop screen smaller?

Click on the page and then click normal

How do you change the youtube wesite from far left to be centered and normal?

This might be a problem with your own computer and browser. You can try to make sure that your browser is not viewing the page at a smaller or larger size by making sure that your web page is being displayed at 100% view.

Why doesn't youtube show my watch history?

Login to YouTube, and visit your Watch History page. When you're on the page, make sure that the watch history was not cleared or paused. Also make sure that you're logged in when you watch your videos.

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