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How do i release the undercare spare tire from a 98 Honda Passport?

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1. first retrieve cranking tool from underneath the back seat.

2. open the rear door

3. look for small hole above the bumper in the center of the car

4. put cranking tool into hole and insert into connecting hole.

5. crank counter clockwise to lower tire

6. release chain from spare

7. remove tire

8. dont forget to crank chain back up

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Where is the spare tire tool for a 2000 Honda Passport?

pull up the rear seat bottom and you should find that the bottom has a velcro flap

Do you have to remove spare tire on Honda passport to change rear wiper blade?

It helps to remove the spare but some people can stop the wiper in an up position before doing the swap. The video for the actual install is below in related links.

Where is spare tire on Honda Odyssey 2007?

If you have the PAX tires you wouldnt have a spare.

Where might one purchase spare parts for a Honda Civic?

Spare parts for a Honda Civic can be purchased from your local Honda dealership. By purchasing from Honda you can ensure that the parts you receive are genuine and in the end will save you money.

Where is the spare tire on a 2001 Honda Odyssey?

The spare tired on a 2001 Honda Odyssey is behind the front seats. Look on the floor behind the front seats for a door, behind that door is the spare.

Where is the spare tire on the 2003 Honda Odyssey?

The spare tire on a 2003 Honda Odyssey can be found under the carpet in front of the middle row of seats. Somewhat of a pain to get to.

Where is the spare tire on the 2006 Honda Odyssey?

If it's a touring model with it has runflats, so there is no spare onboard. sorry...

How do you release the spare tire on a 2003 Isuzu Rodeo?

How to release spare on 2003 rodeo

Where is spare tire on Honda Accord 2010 model?

In the trunk under the mat. Pull the mat up and you will see the spare. If you are talking about the Honda Accord Crosstour click the link and watch the video.

Can you start Honda accord with the spare key that has no remote and drive it?


How do you release the spare tire on a 1998 mercury mountaneer?

how do you release the spare tire on a 2000 mercury mountaneer?

What is the spare tire size for a 2003 Honda Accord?

I looked at the spare in my 2003 Accord and it is a temporary spare. It has T135/90 D15 written on the side although I know it is a 16" wheel.

How do you release the spare tire on a 1999 Ford Expedition?

how do you release a spare tire on a 1999 ford expediton xlt

Where is the spare tire in 1999 Honda Odyssey?

Under the floor panel in the rear

Where is the spare tire on the 2004 Honda Odyssey?

Open one of the sliding doors. Spare tire is under the carpet, first row of seats. Spare tire compartment has lid closure with latch.

Where is the spare tire on 2006 Honda odyssey located?

The spare tire (and jack) are hidden away behind a cover in the driver's side trunk area.

Where is the spare tire on a Honda Insight?

The spare tire is located in the back underneath the storage well. The edges of the storage well are velcroed to around the top edges. Rip it back to access the spare tire.

Where is the spare tire in the 2004 Honda Odyssey?

behind driver and passenger seat under the carpet

Where is spare tire in 2011 Honda Odyssey?

Between the first and second rows there is a carpet flap that lifts. You will then see a crank that cranks down the spare tire. the spare tire is actually outside of the Odysseys interior, but the crank is inside.

How do you get the tire of a 1992 Honda Prelude?

I'm not sure what you mean here...are you wondering what tire size is on a 1992 Honda Prelude? Or, how do you get to the spare tire? Or, how do you remove a tire?

What are the release dates for Spare Change - 2014?

Spare Change - 2014 was released on: USA: 2014

What size is a spare tire for a 1996 Honda Accord?

The spare tire for a 1996 Hond Accord is 115/70-14. These may not be readily available and may have to be specialty ordered.

Where is the spare tire on the 2008 Honda Odyssey?

The Spare Tire is located in the driver's side rear. You need to press down on a latch that is close to the window to unlock the plastic cover.

Is the spare tire locked on the Honda CR-V?

On some models... I have a 2006 HONDA CR-V SE My spare tire has 1 anti-theft lug nut on it. After doing some research I found other 2006 CR-Vs do as well.

Where is the ABS control module on a 1998 Honda passport?

The control module is under the vehicle in the rear. when sliding under the vehicle from the back the control module is the medium size black box. It should be the first thing you could see. If your spare is stored underneath you will need to take it off.

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