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HAVE YOU CHANGED THE OIL? If yes, there is a "RESET OIL CHANGE" button to the right side and below the screen.

Just below the read out window there are three buttons to the right is system check and to the left is Vehicle Settings and Driver Settings. Press the Vehicle Settings button and the Reset for the Oil will show up,press and hold for about 5 seconds and then it will be rest to 100%

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โˆ™ 2011-10-24 22:52:28
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Q: How do i reset the change oil message on my Lincoln mark viii 1997?
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HOW MANY LIters of engine oil for Lincoln 1997?

According to the various models Owner Guides : With engine oil filter change : 1997 Lincoln Continental ( 5.7 liters ) 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII ( 5.7 liters ) 1997 Lincoln Town Car ( 4.7 liters )

1997 cadillac seville. Message.. Compressor off.. and very low refrigerant level.. I refilled refrigerant...-message will not reset-compressor will not come on. How can I reset Computer?

I had the same problem, Just disconnect the battery power for 8 seconds, this will reset the computer, then reconnect the battery this should get the message to erase and your AC should work. This worked for me on a 96 SLS. Adam Quiroz

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It would have to be cut out.

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1997 olds arouar you just replaced the oil sending unit and the low oil pressure message is still on what do ido next?

Open the Driver Information System cover. Press the RCL button until the low oil pressure message is displayed. Next press the "Reset" button and hold it in until "Reset" is displayed in the window. Once "Reset" is displayed press the enter button and the error message will be deleted. This may take more than one attempt to reset the error message.

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After oil has been changed! Set info to oil life, then hold the reset button (info reset)until it displays 100%. That's it!

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This should help.

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with the reminder on the digi. panel press down reset button for serveral seconds and it will reset it self to 100%

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How do you reset the oil change message on 1998 Lincoln Mark 8?

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