How do i roll the back passenger window up without getting a new motor for it Its to expensive to buy a new motor for it and i cant get the window up?

Try holding the switch if the up position (with the key on) after its cooled off for 20 min or so and hit the inside of the door where the motor is located with your hand, rubber mallet etc. Not to hard to break anything just trying to jar the motor enough to get it to roll up. If it works then remove the inner door panel and unplug the motor. The above might work if the motor is getting power but is worn out. If that doesn't work you can try removing the inner door panel and turn the motor by hand or remove the motor put up the window and reinstall the motor. Pulling the motor is a pain and while you've got it out you might want to price it out at your local parts supplier. Check the switch, it might just be a bad switch or try to power up the motor with a battery & some jumpers when the panel is off.