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Most states do not allow a child to collect back support as an adult. Although the right to child support belongs to the child, support is payable to the custodial parent to assist in the care and upbringing of that child. If the custodial parent did not receive that support, then she (or he) made contributions that should have come from the other parent, and the right to collect the back support belongs to her.

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Can SSI be garnished for back child support in California?

SSI, being a form of public assistance, cannot be garnished for child support anywhere.

Can state withhold federal tax refund for back child support?

Yes, states can withhold any form of income to recover back child support, including a federal tax refund.

Is there a form that the custodial parent can sign to forgive all back child support?

Not sure, but this will require court approval, form or no form.

Can your federal refund be taken for child support if you have another child that you are claiming?

Yes. My husband and I filed our federal refund jointly (mind you he was behind 3K on child support) and they took it all of what he owed. BUT, I went back and filed out an 'Injured Spouse Form' to get back what i earned.

Can custodial parent waive back child support in South Carolina?

With the exception of cases involving welfare, child support is not mandatory in any state so yes, a custodial parent can sign a waive of back support if he or she so desires. If the child is receiving some form of federal or state aid, in that case, no.

What if he denys that he dont want to pay back child support and does not show his w2 form?

A father who refuses to pay child support may be reported to the social services child support enforcement office. The office will launch an investigation, and can garnish the money from his paycheck.

Can lawsuit money be garnished for back child support in nyc?

Yes, any form of income, other than needs-based income, can be garnished for back child support in New York. Money from a lawsuit or settlement is considered income.

If a father of a child gets married and owes back child support can the new spouse be obligated to pay back back his child support in Texas with income tax refunds?

If you file joint and your tax refund gets intercepted, then you would have to file a "wounded spouse" form to get your portion of the refund. But beware, the child support office could hold the refund up to 6 months to clear all the paperwork before you get anything back.

Can they take your tax refund forever for back child support?

The refund or a portion thereof can be seized until the support arrearages have been proven to be paid or some other form of agreement has been made with the child support enforcement agency and/or the court.

When did the government form the Child Support Agency?

Child Support Agency, was setup by American Government in April, 1993.

How do you write a written response to motion to modify child support?

What form do I use to Answer that I disagree with a motion to modify child support

How do i get a Child support lien release in California?

To get a child support release in California, you have to contact the child support agency and fill out a form. You will need to do this to start the process to petition the court for the release.

How can you submit a form without using a submit button in PHP?

You are better off using Javascript to do a form submit onload event.

How does one provide a submission to the Google search engine?

To submit a website to Google, ask Google to crawl it through the Google Submit URL form. The form is located in the Google Webmaster Tools section under the Google Support website.

Do you have to add child support as a form of income on your fasfa?

Yes, child support counts as income for the purposes of filing your FAFSA or applying for financial aid.

Can child support enforcement take money from your credit card?

No, credit cards are not considered a form of income and cannot be used to pay for child support.

When will back child support end if I have been paying for 11yrs and young is 25 years old?

Child support ends when the child reaches his/her majority (18), unless you stipulated that you would support your child through school or some other significant goal. This stipulation must be in writing in the form of a court document (court order, judgment divorce document etc.) to be legally enforceable.

What is submit button?

A button that is used to submit the content of a form.

Could a father pay some form of support or child care for an autistic child even if father is on Social Security?

Social Security is income for purposes of determining amount of child support.

What form do you need to stop child support in Alabama?

Child support will be stopped automatically when the child reaches the age of majority. If for some reason it continues, contact your local Department of Human Services.

How does one submit a form using JavaScript?

You can submit a form with Javascript by using certain code which allows you to firstly create a form then nest this with a button that will submit when, for example, a user clicks on it.

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